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If you ever wondered how to remove a cyst

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. This is rather nasty, not for the weak of stomach.
    This really is quite foul. Unless you have no issue at all with bodily fluids, consider yourself warned.

  2. wow, thats a fair bit of goo coming out of that guys back.
  3. I'm lost for words after that, Its just like...wow.
  4. I once did work experience at a Vet's, and one of the procedures I assisted with was the removal of an anaerobic abcess from a Maltese Terrier's thigh.
    We filled up 2 "buddy" coke bottles with the pus, and I can still remember the god-awful smell to this day...
    I also performed an enema on a constipated alsation, which was surprisingly satisfying...
  5. Its one of those things, you dont really want to see it, but you cant help it..
  6. Love the way she keeps stabbing at it.
    That is truly gross though. The things you see in a caravan park
  7. Haven't watched it yet (at work). Is this similar to the video of the chick picking out worms/larvae from the pimples in a guys back? THAT was gross.
  8. biggest puss filled pimple I have ever seen..
  9. After reading everyone's comments I don't think I can bring myself to watch it. Alas I suspect I will ... and regret it.
  10. Mildly gross but not that bad.

    Extracting a dead cow fetus by reaching in with an arm from a pregnant cow (which then proceeds to break into pieces because it's rotten) is a tad more gross :)

    The smell from that was the worst thing I have EVER smelt.
  11. Yeh, I'm one of those people that is not at all bothered by any amount of bodily fluid. Cleaning up at least a litre of a friends blood scattered around a house saw to that. But still, I couldn't but feel a bit 'ugh' when that ooze started pouring.
  12. Seen that one too - dead bull calf was too big and dead to be birthed, so my cousin and I had a go by hand.
    Couldn't move him and the heifer was going downhill fast, so we roped the calf's front legs and attached them to a RM80 and a AG125 - still couldn't pull him out.
    Uncle had to come out with the tractor and a pallet for the cow, but sadly round-the-clock care couldn't save her :(

    poor guy.
  14. That video was pretty mild compared to other DIY pimple popping videos, but that being said I can watch pretty much everything, I'm pretty desensitised to most things on the internet*, but I still can't watch surgeries on TV lol.

    * if I had to see them IRL then I'd probably faint ;)
  15. Probably better to torch the place really thoroughly. Forensics will always find that little speck you missed. Might be an idea to use next door's wheelie bin as well, rather than your own. :twisted:
  16. Done that too on the farm as a kid... still find the video gross!
  17. I love nurses. baby oil and bodily fluids :)
  18. Nurses are fucking crazy bro!
    In a "good way" for a while, but then they just get all crazy.
    Trust me...
  19. Gotta agree with this :twisted:.
  20. Ah yes I have found this to be true.
    Hit and run boys. Hit and run.