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If you ever thought you were ready........... think again!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jlgumby, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Thought I'd post, somehow, something of my first ride of the upgrade from the 250. I'm writing this whilst giggling like a 12 year old girl and with an overworked jaw and cheeks from the smiles and laughter I just can't seem to suppress.

    Yes, for those who are familiar with these phenomenon, they'll be instantly recognised as the descriptions of someone who has just had his first taste of a 'big' bike.

    When i first picked up the 250, I loved it and hated it, loved it because it was just so invigorating, hated it because I was absolutely pertified first time on the road. I was used to fastish metal having owed the bane of the Aust Touring Car Championship, the Nissan GTR. So the 250 was never going to scare me, but it did.

    The feeling of going fast when completely exposed is one to savour and respect simultaneously. I think the 250 is about as fast as my little hatchback right now according to the times, but it feels so.... much faster.

    It truly is the fact that the experience is as foreign as a black fly in pea soup and that although 'you' are in control, it still feels as unpredictable as Britney's career.

    But you soon get it, you just start to feel it, and soon you're comfortablely using all of the twist and all of the travel in the mushy front suspension (may just be mine).

    So by this time, you think you could be ready for the upgrade. You read, and read and read some more, all the while preparing yourself for the second, 'first' experience.

    So the time comes, and you're there, your steed awaits and as you spend a good 10mins covering yourself in the best protective gear you can, you can hardly do anything properly, the anticipation, the expectation, the excitement...... You're in a good place, and you're smile is very large.

    If you were anything like me, you finish with the gear and stop, and breath and look at what's in front of you, like a bull that you're about to try your best to tame.

    When you get on, it's....... it's just everything at once, the giggling starts again, uncontrollably, but you're a bit nervous. Your muscles are a little tight, not tight in the way a camel's butt is tight in a sand storm, but just a bit apprehensive. Then it's just a series of events that you just don't think you can beat, but each one is completely demolished by the next.

    You turn the key and hear the pump prime and the shift light flicker as the rev needle sweeps the scope of the tach. Now I'm on the verge of having to spend another 10mins de-armouring cos I've just about wet my pants, and they were my good pants, but nothing detracts.

    When the thing fires, indescribable. I used to work on race cars so I'd regulary arrive to work in my ole clunky Bluebird only to have to start up a full race prepped Sports Sedan ready for Robinson himself to hear. It's akin to that. In line fours of largish capacity are stunning in there response to the slightest twitch of the right wrist. The sound is intoxicating and and the fumes made me ill, so I opened the garage door. Yeah, got the order wrong, and let her warm up a bit.

    As stated earlier, I can't imagine you're ever really ready for what you're about to feel, I've just got on a bike which weighs the same as the old, but has some 100hp more.. My mind is mud, but I'll cope.

    I took it very easy as I was really just wanting to make sure everything was working ok as it came from interstate, so I really only rode around the couple of blocks or so. But let me assure you, IT WORKED JUST FINE..

    Eveything is ultra precise, ultra sensitive and ultra smooth. Everything sounds right, the roar from the induction under load, the slight whine from the gearbox, everything was just a sensory overload, and I hadn't been past 5K.

    Let me put it bluntly, it was completely frightening and fulfilling all at the same time, bit like finishing that last piece of mud cake with cream knowing that you were the only one eating it from start to finish.

    This thing wasn't just fast, it was impossibly fast. And i hadn't even opened her up. I now understand how new riders make mistakes on these things. Open the throttle and it's like the world has been literally picked up and thrown at your face. It really did seem like that. All of a sudden, you get to everything 10 times earlier than you were expecting, and that's dangerous. I thought I was having fun when I started on the 250, but that truly was the tip of the ice berg. By the way, it's actually not as loud as I thought laughing and screeming with excitement inside a full face.

    If a 750 is like this, I understand why people say that a 1K is too much for the road, you could use possible 60% of it if that, and you'd have to either completely insane or that magician who lets Hummers drive over him whilst on a bed of nails.. Oh yeah, same thing.

    So that's my 'brief' account of my first time. and needless to say, my eyes have been opened very wide, and that's not easy for an Asian.

    Here are a couple of pics of what I went from and what I went to.

    Hang tight P's, your time is getting closer by the minute.

  2. Let's hope that your newly acquired capacity is not going to be the source of any upcoming 'RIP' or 'rider down' threads...take care of yourself.
  3. Even the 600 felt plenty powerful for the road, but too uncomfortable for a commuter so I went with something different (new bike thread on monday methinks).

    Grats on the upgrade, that colour looks so good
  4. Brilliantly written, I still remember that moment.....

    Mid '70's just me and my brand new Kwaka 900, holy sh*t.

    A twist of the wrist on the thou still does it for me though.

    If you don't ride you can never understand.

    Remember to be honest with yourself about your skill level and one day
    you too can be an old fart smiling insanely on a 1000 sportsbike like me.

    Good luck with it.
  5. Haha mate great little read that. Picked up my new beast last Friday (99 Yamaha R6) and after spending a little time on a GS500F and CBR250RR it was insane.

    I haven't done sfa yet as I'm adjusting to the bike, but my first power experience was tonight... went from 20km/h to 100km/h in first (I wanted to hear it scream!). After coming from my Skyline and driven a few of my mates 400-500hp beasts (R34 GTR, S15 Silvia, 92 Statesmen) never have I felt a feeling of such joy and fear at the same time. The power is so strong, so smooth you feel like you're going to be ripped to pieces all over while moving.

    The heart is beating at top speed, the sweat across your brow is starting to dry up as 100km/h winds blow through your vents. The exhaust is screaming "MORE MORE!!!" and the gear leaver and clutch looking at you in the background "Another gear, you know you wanna". You eyes dart down to the speedo, to the sides checking for cars, you think you're flying and you notice the speedo "102km/h" time to change gear and relax.... And this is just a straight line... after some more experience on the track the twistie bits should be heart stopping insanity.

    Then again, I've always had a thing for speed... fear and excitment at the same time at first, then comes to chance to tame the beast and create a feeling of pure bliss. Down the straight at QR in the skyline was just yummy... but the R6 I think I'll be wetting myself for days!

    Enjoy the ride man, it looks fantastic. Paint job is crazy! Be safe man, the track is calling your name :] I know it's screaming for mine.
  6. Excellent write up !!
    :LOL: Good sense of humor too
    I'm pretty anxious about attaining my next upgrade, and no doubt will share the experience you've just had.
    Take care
  7. Excellent thread,
    Good to see someone coming up from a 250 to something like a gixxer 750 writing a post like that. I dont think a lot of testosterone fuelled young whipper snappers realise what a big jump it is from a 250 to something like your new bike .

    Every time an old fart like me writes such advice he gets accused of being a nanna.

    Just take it sleazy for a few months while you get used to your new bike

    But congrats huh on a sweet lookin ride (I was admiring one just like it a few months ago in at peter stevens dandyschlong)

    Keep the black bits down and the shiney side up

  8. Great Post, Good to see someone really enjoying their riding and the best part mate it’s only going to get better. When that bike becomes one with your movements and thoughts then you’re really cooking. I have to be honest reading this post truly reminded me of my experience on a big bike and it almost brought me to tears.

  9. haha very nice thread mate glad ure loving your new bike!!!!

    Just wait till u get it into the powerband... the fun begins all over again from then on ehhe

    - shiney side up
  10. Your post reminded me of my first ride on the CBR 900. The first time I fully opened it up down a desolate highway it was as if the whole world was being squashed and hurled behind me. It takes a while to get used to the speed and the blur of the world going by.

    I love bikes :twisted:
  11. such a word smith.. that was great.. ive been out test riding for an upgrade and people wonder why im gone so long.. it is true with the grinning giggles and seeing how far you can hold it at full tilt for. might do some more testing this weekend.
    nice up upgrade also
  12. What have you been test riding oldballhelmet?
  13. Hehe - +1 on the excellent write up.

    I have been going through the same emotions the last week - the manic giggling still hasn't stopped.
  14. no actual crotch rockets as such but FZR600's and ER6's..
    the FAZER is pretty quick compared to the GPX.. im just out there seeing what i will end up with in a month or so. kind of prefer a naked i guess but if i find the right sports ill do that. was on a CBR1000 about 6 months back and that was quite the blast.
  15. Great read!

    I'm still 7 long months off my upgrade and having a twin turbo supra under foot I'm aware of the difference between low and high powered machinery. Currently d!cking around on a 250 at the moment (1000+ ks a month) so I know what to expect (at least a little) when my upgrade arrives in may or june next year.

    Think mine is going to have a 996 engine stuffed in it somewhere, and really looking forward to the day I get on it.

    Grats on your new bike. Looks a treat! :grin:
  16. Thanks for the thoughtful post. It's always good to get an opinion on this, as i'm almost off my P's and will be upgrading soon.
    I am concerned about how a more powerful bike will handle (I was planning on a Daytona 675 or CBR600) but i'm hoping i'll be OK!!!!
    Good to hear your experience on it.

    BTW.....very sexy upgrade bike :wink:
  17. it should also be remembered that a powerful bike, car, whatever is only as powerful as your hand or foot makes it. I have a mother who only recently got rid of her V8 kingswood that never went over 3000 rpm.. why did she have it ?. just incase she needed to get out of trouble. that said though a deserted road with a stack of horseys is always fun
  18. Just remember to try the alternatives as well before you make your choice, I'm glad I did.
  19. Good post, and pics just sweeten the deal!

    I find myself in a similiar situation; going from a fast car to a 250, and still being excited surprisingly. Now I have 10 months left before my BigBikeLicense©, and Ive already been looking at the GSXR's... though I dont remember seeing one that nice on suzi website.
  20. Yep try as many as you can. A test ride > magazine reviews.