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If you don't ride in the rain, then you don't really ride...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aldrich_87, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Do you guys ever let rain stop you from riding?

    I was riding in the rain today (wet weather gear), and enjoyed it.
    Next time it rains I might go out of my way to ride.. is this normal?


  2. No, it's not normal.

  3. gee thanks
  4. But seriously, no I generally don't let rain stop me from riding.
    The only time it has ever been a hinderance was when I was in torrential rain on the Monash at about 6pm last winter. It was really hard to see with the visor down and if I opened it just a crack I would get water spraying up into my eyes. To make matters worse I had an exposed air filter which got so inundated with water that some got into the carby. Ended up stalled on the right hand side of the road pressed up against a concrete slab from road works with cars zooming by about 1 and a half feet from me.

    Other than that all my other rain riding has been fine. Just have to remember to extend your buffer and ride defensively.
  5. I rode in the rain for the first yesterday and this morning and have got to say I actually enjoyed it. I think riding in the rain makes you a better rider in the dry.
  6. The only thing I dislike in the rain is the oil slick all over the road. Had a really bad scare on Christmas day after some light rain, fish tailed around a round-a-bout. I just take corners extremely cautiously.

    As long as vision is adequate, I will ride in any conditions.
  7. I used to love riding in the rain. That is, until my bike slipped three times going down Mt Mee during a downpour. Now I'm hesitant about doing mountain riding if its raining, its not the getting wet part that worries me (I like feeling cool on hot days and theres nothing like being soaking wet on a bike to do that), rather that I dont really trust my downhill braking/cornering skills enough under those conditions. To rectify that, Im doing a Stay Upright course in April which I am hoping will sort out that little issue for me.
  8. Yes, I let rain stop me from riding. When I was newer to riding I didn't due to it still being a novelty. But I've done it alot in the past (including doing old pac in torrential rain pretty much flooding), but frankly I dont enjoy sitting at work/wherever all day drenched and shivering, so I take a car when it looks nasty (if its available).

    The times I get caught in the rain is enough for me.
  9. wet weather gear??? you pussy...
  10. I have pretty extensive wet weather gear but there are certain conditions where it doesn't suffice. Now i'm talking waterproof gloves, jacket, pants and rubber overboots... so i'm covered head to toe but....

    Think of those muggy hot days where it just starts to piss down.... I remember one day I suited up just as it started raining in that weather and within five minutes of riding I was sweating all over and getting frustrated at everything so I turned around, rode home, did a frustrated and angry throw of the gear everywhere, swore at the rain gods and took the car out and put the airconditioning on.

    and before i hear it... yes i know I should get gortex but its bleedin expensive!

    Generally though i just ride through it, I don't particularly like it, I did when I was new to riding but now its just an annoyance and i've lost traction enough times to know that in the wet there are lots more ways to get the shiny side down.... The amount of times i've lost both front and rear traction on the bloody tar snakes on the way home is a bloody joke.
  11. lol, if i had an umbrella available i probably would have used it too
  12. I ride in the wet if I have to. Not having a car will make this somewhat of a necessity. But I will avoid doing a tour if its wet. I just can't be bothered dealing with that.
  13. as someone who rode around for hours in the rain as a courier in a previous lifetime, let me just say it doesn't make you any tougher, better, good looking, more intelligent etc etc.

    just wrinkly....:LOL:
  14. I don't let the rain stop me from riding..... can be good fun some times.

    I did manage to get caught in hail last year, which was an experience. At first I was laughing to myself wondering what the hell I was doing riding in the hail..... ahhh, good times
  15. The only things I don't like about riding in the rain, if we're ignoring the stuff that applies out of the rain (other people, etc):

    1. Visor fogging
    2. Gloves bleeding dye:

  16. I'll ride in the wet if I get CAUGHT in the wet. I always have my wet-weather stuff under the seat, but I've done too many thousands of kilometres in the rain and sleet to volunteer for it any more.
  17. I avoid it if I can,but what are you going to do,I did a run to Melbourne from Sydney down the coast once and it pissed down all the way,thats when you start buying top quality wet weather gear.Same trip the fog was so bad I ended up down Bullie Pass and didn't notice till I came out of the fog ,I was following the white line on the road at 20kph hoping some truck wont run me over,that was bloody scary.
  18. I commute by bike so if it rains I commute in the rain.

    On weekend rides, in winter I expect rain so I ride in the rain. In summer I expect sunshine so if rain is forecast I tend not to go.
  19. 1st time in 10 years i had to pull the car over on the m4 today, as the wipers couldnt keep up with the amount of rain we got, the biggest hero on a bike would not of attempted it cause the rain wasnt washing away fast enough, lets just say the m4 was like a river
  20. bahh do it all the time

    going to or coming home from work in the hours when everyone else is sleeping midinght-6am etc... in the dark on unlit roads with it belting down is great

    i enjoy it, i only worry about the other road users. like the fools still doing 120km/h even though you cant see 20ft

    more fun though is really thick fog, i mean couldnt see 10m tops
    belting down the freeway then ahh im in a tunnel, ohhh now i know where i am lol cant stop cos what if some nut job cager is still doing 100km/h lol