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If you could only give one tip, what would it be?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by O_Rider, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    I realise that everyone has an opinion or various techniques that work for them, and it may not always work for others, but if you could only give ONE piece of advice or tip to another rider, or someone starting out. What would it be and why?

    I'm just starting to ride and would be great if I could get advice from others.

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  2. Don't be afraid.

    You've been told your entire life how deadly and dangerous motorcycles are. Instead of applying caution a lot of new riders apply fear. Avoid this.
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  3. Good question - over time you'll build up your skills to survive and realise that there's no one catch all opinion but mine would be;
    Look at where you want to go, don't target fixate i.e. don't stare at the gravel/branch/car/wombat on the road because as a newbie you'll probably ride right into it.
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  4. Turn your head in the corners and look where you want to go. And I mean REALLY turn your head. Don't just move your eyes. Exaggerate it at first - later on, whe it comes naturally, you won't need to exaggerate, but for now, really make a point of turning your head. Point your chin outwards in the direction you want the bike to go, not downwards, and keep your head up.

    Read Robsalv's noob cornering threads. They were a lightbulb moment for me.
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  5. dont look at a corner and think i need/want/can do it faster
    instead look back on a corner and realise you just did it faster than before
    let speed be a symptom of technique and not a symptom of pressure from friends or yourself.
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  6. This ^^^ be cautious not afraid
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  7. A motorcycle is not a car.
    Never ever ride with your brain in car mode.
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  8. Perfect practice makes perfect.
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  9. My one piece of advice would be follow Womble and Smileedude's advice.

    I found that target fixation was the hardest to 'get over' specially when you are looking at what takes your fancy if you know what I mean ;)
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  10. Cheers guys and gals. Good advice, the head turning and looking where you want to go seems to be a key point. Keep the it coming.
  11. Queue violins please...believe that you can do it!!:)
    Don't ever underestimate that power as trite as it may appear here in writing.
    And I don't mean by being over confident in your abilities or by never being afraid.

    I was and continue being told I am an idiot, have a death wish, am irresponsible, don't you know from your work what is going to happen to you blahdy blady fcukin blah etc:devil:

    I can, have and will keep riding because I believe I can and now that I know that I can ride a friggin bike...I think I am sooooooo bloody clever and I honestly don't give a shit what anyone else thinks about it anymore!:smug:

    For me that first solo ride on my brand new little Wasabi was right up there with all my other firsts over the last 50+ years and surpassed most of them well and truly!! I'm in luuuurve:D
    Every ride I learn something new about riding and my own abilities and I am still chuffed by it!:happy:
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  12. A lot of alcohol + motorcycle do not mix well, so avoid!
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  13. Don't forget the cocky's mouth the next day...I have only ridden once hung over to buggery and will NEVER EVER do it again EVER...you can't get a helmet off in a hurry if you have to hurl...(that might be quite nice as a saying on a tshirt actually). Not my proudest moment but lesson well and truly learnt!:dead:
    Riding Sleep deprived even if not from a night on the tiles is akin to hungover as well IMHO.
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  14. Problem solved. index.
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  15. Also great for a cigarette, drink, chat on the move :p
  16. There is no substitute for practice, the more you ride the better you'll get (don't confuse this with riding past the point where you're tired and starting to make mistakes, then it's time to stop).

    A lot of shorter rides are better than a few long ones generally.
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  17. Good thinking 99
    WombleWomble I would've needed to have still had eye hand co-ordination to operate which was being utilised to get over to the side of the road ASAP and unfortunately with only marginal success...likely there were some very well fed goannas or other wildlife on the side of the M1 and they likely ended up slightly inebriated as well...:whistle:
    It really was something I ate whilst getting caught up in the Christmas spirit(s);)
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  18. My new years resolution - No more thread derails. Especially as this is a really good thread IMO. Sorry OP.
  19. And that would bring me to my tip...

    Dont vomit in your helmet
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  20. FridgyFridgy and if you do have a hurl shirl...remember to keep a few of those wooden skewers handy for those hard to retch...shit...reach places in the chin strap area:whistle: