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If you could. how would you solve traffic and PT issues in peak time?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by awseome, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. My proposal would be.

    1. Staggered shifts with options of 7:00 am 9:00 am and 10:00 am, with corresponding finish times, and same with school's, start ealy or finish early, will get all the soccer mums and 4 WD off the roads during peak hours.

    so what else would you guys think that could help ease congestion which would indirectly contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

  2. What exactly is a soccer mum?
  3. Implement the ability to turn left on a red light. Make filtering and splitting explicitly legal. Require commercial driving license for SUVs. Decrease registration fees for smaller vehicles and further discounts for not driving it in the CBD. Make parking more expensive.

    Make public transport operate on time, and make it less like a cattle car to Auschwitz. Nobody is going to want to ride it when you're crammed in with no personal space, it's hot, and it smells like BO, puke, and piss. The Swiss and the Japanese can make their trains run on timeā€¦ are they smarter, or less lazy?
  4. I like the staggared shift idea, but I think a big one would be to teach people to be better drivers: More courteousness, & awareness of other vehicles would make things easier, we're supposed to be a pretty relaxed country, but the amount of aggro you see in traffic is disturbing, especially during peak times.

    Having dedicated cycling paths that link up & actually take you where you need to go would get more people off the roads & public transport system, as well as keeping people fitter.
  5. Staggered shift idea is a good one, although there was a phase there where it was regularly suggested, didn't seem to do much...

    Incentives to ride bikes (motored and non) such as:
    * Bike only lanes
    * Make filtering legal
    * No city tax for bikes
    * More bike parking, less car parking
    * Rego and insurance benefits (cheaper maybe).

    Incentives to not drive cars such as:
    * Tax for driving into the city
    * Increase cost of ownership
    * Increase number and spanse of bus and bike lanes (reduce where you can drive)
    * Provide more public transport options.

    Improve public transport:
    * More trains more often
    * More bus lanes
    * More drive and ride options from outer burbs

    All very easy to say, not so easy to implement...
  6. im surprised no one has gone with the obvious and say work from home - or at least in local satellite centres. can save best part of 4 hours in transport and would work for the vast majority of office jobs. Would still need a few people to be at a central hub i guess, but only a tiny portion of the current city workers.

    Secondly, a large portion of peak hour traffic is in parents driving kids to school. Wake up and smell the roses, sunshine, your kid is no longer five and can catch the damn bus or walk or ride - heavens knows they need the exercise.

    As for public transport, well there isnt much need to fix it anymore, at least to get to the city, but still useful for cross-suburban and getting to local centres. Sydney isn't the best location for a subway - bad shape and not flat enough, but that might be the best solution, particularly within 10-20 k's of cbd where population density is highest design it similar to that of paris and london where lines skirt the cbd, not all go to the same central point. The Penrith - Sydney high speed link may have potential, as would a Campbelltown and perhaps Parramatta, Hornsby and Sutherland. For roads, dedicated bus lanes with good service and reaches areas subway and trains do not. Make the whole of the cbd bus lanes (including taxi's and two wheeled vehicles), with an exeption for commercial vehicles (delivery vans, trades etc).

    At this stage all thats left on the road is pretty much tadies, logistics and cleaners. Retail and cafe's in city would be way down, but thats a price you have to pay. With a good enough PT , I cant really see a reason for people to drive further than the local shopping centre during weekdays. Weekends is another matter though.
  7. +1... you beat me to it. I don't understand why so many jobs have to be in the CBD. There is no reason why there can't be hubs spread around the city. Imagine the difference that would make!

    I disagree with making car ownership more expensive. If you've got 2+ kids to pick up after work then you're not exactly going to be able to do that on a bike. Tolling for driving through the city is bs as is congestion tolling. The people who can afford the tolls/fines always will be able to and you're just hurting those who have little alternative other than their car because they've been forced to move fkn donkey's years away to find a place to live.
  8. Only realistic things I can think of:

    More incentive to ride motorcycles, scooters and bycicles. Not charging them more to use the roads or rego and stuff, because the are doing everything to help the country i.e. lower emissions and only taking up a tiny portion of the roads.

    Kids can ride a bicycle to school, and so can most people going to work.

    Make buses actually worth using, and less of just a shit experience. (don't know how they'd do that though)

    Also in Vic, the P-plater rule that you can only have one passenger between a certain age, so any 18 year-olds that drive to school or Tafe can't carpool, making more cars on the roads! It pretty much will cancel out any attempt to get the roads less crowded at peak hour. So stupid.

    But, some people really like driving so there really isn't much anyone can do to change their minds, and I wouldn't try to.
  9. - Stop local councils from re-zoning commercial and industrial land to residential. People usually prefer to work close to where they live. We are now building industrial estates far from their workers' homes.
    - improve designated radial transport routes (vehicle and PT). Only about 20% of people in Melbourne actually work in the CBD.
    - more dedicated cycle paths away from main arterial routes.
    - nature strips are an extravagance. Allow people to park their cars on them, feeing up more lanes in clearway times.

  10. This.

    Reminds me of the COMPLETE CLUSTER**** on St Kilda Rd once you get to the Arts Centre coming in to the city, whoever laid that out is an absolute halfwit and should kill himself messily to save honor for his family.
  11. work from home is a very contentious point. being in IT i have worked from home regularly when i was working for a IT company, i guess every one knew that it could be done, since i started working corporates i have brought out this solution a lot of time, but been thumbed down, bosses still want to see workers in front of them. pretty stupid i guess, i personally would work better from home.
  12. telecommuting is a great idea, but most employement is based on mutual mistrust, so it will always be a pipe-dream

    people are psychologically-wedded to their cars; last year when petrol was $1.50 a litre there was no huge impact on the number of people using them to commute, although many people cut down on optional trips

    staggered working hours would be a great idea too, but it's way too Orwellain for the average Aussie worker, whose only interested in staggering if it involves a slab
  13. It is also an OH&S issue.
  14. What, more accidents happen at home than in the work-place???
  15. :) no

    In the work place the company has to provide a safe work environment for you to work in.
    If you are working at home they have no control over that but if you injure yourself while working at home i think they are still partially responsible.
  16. What a minefield :LOL:
  17. Rich people shall all use helicopters, everyone else must drive ambulances.

    The select few of us may ride our motorcycles anywhere we please in order to avoid the mayhem.
  18. took me an hour from the tunnel to the airport in sydney which is only 11ks''' u can have the big citys..... u cant lane split in a car :busting: as for idears to reduce peak hour traffic.... catch pubic tranport or stay home
  19. educate people to not enter the intersections when its blocked.... this will help the traffic flow.
  20. ban parking within 100 meters of a left turn. the bloody councils want their pound of meat. they will use every square inch to generate revenue.