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If you could be remotely interested

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Permission to make a strange request. Thenk yup!!
    I have an Aldi Tv, which I love but the remote has carked it.
    It has the part number AS-39FHD1.
    Does any fellow Netrider have an expired TV and therefore a surplus remote???

  2. You cunning Googler!!
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  3. A cheap universal one will do, Program it and your good to go.
  4. I've never had any success with these universal thingies: is there one you could recommend?
  5. I am not convinced a Universal will work in this case.
    • If it is a learning remote you don't have the original to teach it.
    • If it is one with brands and models setup in it already it may not support something unusual such as your Aldi Bauhn.
  6. I think your eBay item is the way to go.....
  7. Cannot recommend a type ,but the TVs where Sony and Samsung which were easy to program.
    Cjvfr possibly has a good point.
  8. Your looking at this the wrong way.......it's not time to get a new remote but time to get a new TV.......
  9. Even now I doubt I could get a 40" LCD tv for as little as the Aldi one cost three years ago. Besides my stingy nature won't let me throw out the tv just for the sake of a forty dollar remote....
  10. I do indeed have an expired Aldi TV (expired literally one day after warranty!) will have a look around to see if I can find the remote, but don't hold your breath.
  11. Champion!!
  12. Further to, I just rang the customer service line at Bauhn, and purchased a brand new replacement for$30 including postage! Try getting service like that from Woolworths or Coles!!!
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  13. No sign of the spare at this end, so just as well you found one.
  14. Thanks mate!
  15. I hear a lot of people rubbish Aldi, but I've usually had pretty good experiences, even with their bike gear - you get what you pay for.

    Had one of their DVR's playup on me, rang their warrant number, was told to email a photo with the cord cut off showing it was no longer usable, money was then re-deposited into my account, no real hassles at all.

    We don't have Aldi down here in Tassie, miss lining up on a winter's Saturday morning in Canberra for those specials :happy: