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If you blinked, you missed it ..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Australia finishes the cricket season with a complete mauling of the West Out-ies, passing their score (139) in the 11th over of a 20 over match!

  2. That's it. I'm converted. Get rid of the ODI's and just play T20's.
  3. im usually a big fan... but other than a few standout tests... this summer has been boring, especially post new year :(

    well played, nonetheless. strike rate off 300 for most of his innings, good job warner
  4. I drink to much coffee to blink.
  5. Yes, I've been wondering if I'm just getting old but this would seem to me to have been the least interesting season I've endured... :(
  6. Yeah, pretty dull season. Windies were just as bad as expected, and Pakis were not as good as expected.

    There should be a 2-tier system of test cricket - at the moment Aus, SA, India, maybe Eng and/or SL in one, Pak, Zim, WI, NZ, Bang in another. Results can see movement from one to the other.
  7. Yeah I've lost interest in the cricket. I always though one day was pointless and you could skip the whole match except for the last few overs and not miss a thing.

    I'm glad to say I've never watched a 20/20 match and the test season this year held little interest.
  8. nope think it was just a boring season :(

    That is what is needed, the sides are just too unbalanced to make for good games, as for 20/20 why not just go watch baseball ](*,)
  9. Baseball is a really tedious sport. Nothing happens for 3 hours.

    20/20 while it's not really cricket isn't so bad for an evenings entertainment. It's what 1 dayers used to be, fast and exciting.

    There were two good tests against the Pakis and that was it for the season. :(

    Bring on the footy. :)
  10. I can't believe that people think baseball is entertaining. It is incredibly boring. There is a lot of swinging and spitting then the sides change over. That is about it.

    Maybe it's better for kids stuck in the field, but who wants to watch a sport that favours the fielder on a professional level?
  11. Bill Cosby said baseballl is two minutes of excitement crammed into 3 hours. On the same mathematical basis, last night's 20/20 game must equal about two and a half whole baseball SEASONS.....