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If you are thinking of kicking their door... (not near miss as it didnt happen to you)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. ...at least get in on film :)

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  2. Sucked! In!

    I bet one or both feet were unscathed by wearing boat shoes! Betting also those nice designer jeans weren't Draggins either!

    Exactly why I prefer the backhander on the window rather than the kick!

    How embarrassment! Would love to have seen the aftermath!
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  3. lol well spotted. i dont think he did get much ankle protection from those boat shoes...
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    Classic. He can't kick a door and he can't ride either!
  5. lol I bet his palms are a bit red too
  6. His feet and hands seemed relatively undamaged.
  7. Why do that in the first place?

    If you're going to bang/punch/kick every cager who does something that annoys you, you're going to get very tired, and I don't quite get the point. Someone on this forum once suggested keeping a stash of old spark plugs to throw at them when they're being annoying, but seriously... why?

    When I'm riding, my primary focus is on myself and keeping my bike vertical... ish. Well, rubber-side down anyway. People who drive cars are going to do what they do, and that means that occasionally they're going to fail to notice me. I need to make sure I'm prepared for that. When they do, I move out of their way and carry on.

    I don't throw a hissy-fit and hit them like one of those lycra-clad idiots. They're bigger than me and I'd just end up looking like a tool.

    At best, I'd achieve absolutely nothing. At worst... This guy. Well no, at worst, I'd cause myself serious damage.

    If cagers piss me off in traffic, I avoid them, suck it up, refocus as quickly as I can and move on.

    Serenity now.
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  8. remind me of another youtube vid I saw. biker kicked the SUV, SUV ran over bike and drove off, biker left standing in the middle of the road.

    BUT you don't know what happened before this clip
  9. It doesn't matter what happened before this clip, the biker should have just refocused and moved on. For dignity's sake :)
  10. Yeah I know. I just felt a bit sorry for the poor idiot (only a little)
  11. I have kicked a car door on two occasions. In hindsight both were my fault. I should, and now do, expect a driver in the left lane of a round-a-bout to decide they're going to turn right instead of straight ahead and then decide to move into the right lane right in the space I am occupying.

    I have found adjusting mirrors and thumping boot lids to be sufficient.
  12. I adjust mirrors quietly at traffic lights when everything's calm and they don't notice I'm doing it. They'll be pissed off later and won't know who to blame. Ssshhhh :)
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  13. Hehehe.

    My ex brother-in-law, back in the day, used to reach in to open car windows, turn the ignition of, pull out the keys and drop them on the ground. You can't do that with modern cars, hell a lot of cars don't have an ignition switch.
  14. much later, given how often most cagers seem to use mirrors
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  15. i find traffic very scary im not used to riding with traffic im more used to marsupials ,cows tractors and log trucks which i will give a big thumps up to pulling over and letting me go ,bazz