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if you are on LAMs......then stay on LAMs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mav, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. just a lesson for the newbies who may get impatient with riding LAMs for 4 years...

    my younger brother recently got his red P's and replaced his VTR250 with a Z750. His reasoning was that he couldn't be bothered waiting out the LAMs period...his decision, fair enough.

    he calls me up on saturday just before i head out for a night out with the missus, and tells me he just got picked up by the coppers on the m5 exit onto heathcote road in south western sydney. i'm pretty sure that it's a 110 motorway down to a 60 - 70 residential. anyway,

    coppers pulled him over for doing 96 in a 60 zone. so they ding him for that.

    while checking his license they noticed the "provisional" stamped on it. check his bike....uh-oh, no "P" plate displayed and the bigger problem is that there is a big "Z-750" stamped on the side. ding for that too.

    check the rego...expired in January 2011. ding him for that too.

    don't think they noticed the fender eliminator, but at this point, they've got him by the balls, so they probably don't care.

    end result: $1300 in fines and a minimum 3 months suspension on the license.

    don't know if his license will be affected moreso, but i'm waiting to hear back from him calling the RTA. i'd be surprised if it's less than 6 months

    moral of the story: don't give them a reason to ding you.

    poor bastard.
  2. Imagine he got done on a double demerit period that would have been twice as bad.
    I saw a netrider riding on a Cbr600rr or 1000 while on his learners obviously without displaying his l plates on a learner friendly ride and soon after binned his bike.

    Many people I know rode non lams bikes while on learners ended up with the same result both writing their bikes off and damaging themselves in the process.

    If riding a bike was so easy and a God given talent then there would have been no need to start off on a small bike but it's not and takes time to become a better rider.
  3. Im one of those newbies getting impatient and can understand why your younger brother did it. They clamped his balls tightly didnt they, im surprised he didnt get his license taken for longer, so whats going to happen with the bike now and his car license?
  4. yet to confirm how long his license is gone :p

    well his car license is only a learner's anyway, so i don't think it's affected. he has to call the RTA to find out.

    the bike? he hasn't decided yet...
  5. I received a 6 point double demerit infringement in Griffith many a years ago. The points followed me over to VIC a few years later when I got my P's and were automatically deducted from it.
  6. I got my L's in Vic over a decade ago and in those days your m/c learners was separate to your drivers, not too sure how it currently works in NSW at the moment, but I'm tipping that the database will know all whenever a visit is made to the RTA.
  7. So really, it was doing 96 in a 60 that cooked him. If he kept it registered and rode normally, he wouldn't be in this pickle would he?
  8. His licence time loss will depend on if he is going to court, everyone i know that has been to court, finishes the court imposed suspension, turns up at the RTA to find that the RTA now will be doling out the 3 month suspension as they dont serve it concurrently with the court issued punishment
  9. This is one of the reasons I'm against the GLS restricting a rider to a LAMS bike for up to 4 years. It encourages competent riders to step up out of pure frustration. This will lead to the standard myopic answer of increasing punitive legislation - I wouldn't be surprised if the beige 'tards make it a hoon offence to ride a bike you're not licensed for... because along with the speed kills PR, Hoons are the next biggest killers aren't they??*

    * Actually, no they're not. It's pure propaganda. Authorities believe 30% of fatalities are speed related. http://www.tacsafety.com.au/upload/rss-dec-2010.pdf shows that in Victoria ~0.7% of assessed vehicles were given a speeding fine related to the >10km/h category. In Dec 2010 3.75million vehicles were assessed. 363 vehicles were detected at >25km/h the speed limit. Where's the proof of the overwhelming danger from speeding hoons? :-k
  10. This is timely - hoping to bring my upgrade home within the next week or two...
  11. I thought Lams was for only 12 months in Vic,
  12. Minimum 15 months I think in Vic, 3 on your Ls then 1 year on your Ps

    And thats if you get your Ps after the 3 months.

    Don't quote me on that tho
  13. Bargain. Was there some sort of discount for buying a lot of tickets at once?

    I always imagined that riding without CTP, either through an unregistered bike or a bike that you're not licensed to ride, was treated a lot more harshly than that. (Seeing as the speeding was probably most of the fine/points.)

    Ah well. He had his fun and got off easy.
  14. Unregistered was worth $500 by itself.

    lol depends on your perspective i guess

    maybe...maybe not. the cops could've run a license plate check through the system, and it would've come up unregistered, and that could've initated a stop even if he wasn't speeding.

    do tell...:D
  15. For me 12 months is an eternity, I cant even begin to imagine how over 3 years would feel like.

    Its a bit like work, ive only stayed longer than 12 months for two jobs, everything else is less than a year.

    Mav, I thought that the car license is somewhat attached to the bike and seeing as he’s restricted for both then I would assume that the powers that be would confiscate both. Hope he keeps his car license though and learn from his mistake, there’s nothing worse than catching public transport everywhere for the next few months.
  16. speeding would have been roughly half of that and the on the spot suspension is for speeding.

    Does he have to show his face into court? If so, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets hit with 12 months.

    sure, but a little would have gone a long way in remaining inconspicuous
  17. I think it's the worst-kept non-secret on NR, but I'll tell all as soon as the shed's full...
  18. Affter reading many threads on netrider this was the main reason swaying me away from the purchase of a 250 as you will outgrow the power quickly especially if your sole intention is to upgrade asap. I wanted to hold on to the bike I got and therefore made use of the lams.
  19. definately agree with ya on that
  20. NiteKreeper calling dibs on Mav's younger bro's bike. You’re certainly living up to your "Kreeper" name hahah. Hey NK show us your new acquisition in the next monthly ride lol.

    Kidding Mav we're not all vultures :p, but, im calling dibs on the next RVF400 :).