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If you are in Brisbane you should come for a Monster Ride

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Realist Rider, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. We do these quarterly plus when certain charity cruises come up.

    A few of us plan to do another chrissy gift run as well this year.

  2. Are chicken strips allowed? Mine are small but apparently invalid because i don't know how to set up my suspension correctly.

    On a serious note, who is "we"? Like how many bikes are normally on these ones? Are they L and P friendly? Do i have to put a shitty sticker on my bike on arrival if we're raising money for a charity? Can any idiot rock up or is it invite only? Can I bring a friend? Do we need to sign up? Also I don't want to come along and be inadvertently raising money for Hillsong or something.

    What's a chrissy gift run? Do I need hard or soft luggage options to be involved in this?

    Keep in mind I'm in Sydney and probably won't come along. But someone else might if they have the answers to these questions...
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  3. Ummmm no they won't :D
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  4. I thought it was a good fun video :)
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  5. Nice video! looks like heaps of fun! Let me know when you do the next one, I'd be keen to do a monster run! Where do you get the helmet covers from?
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  6. Bink!
    Oh hai!
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  7. Can you come even if you don't ride a monster?
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  8. did you have your hair up ?
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    Sorry I dont ride a bike
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    Actually I saw a bloke in surfers this arvo with dog lid and floppy ears
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  11. I'd go, but I don't want to be called out for not having chicken strips and for not knowing what I'm doing or talking about....

    And no, I didn't watch the ghey video... No $ in his pocket from my efforts.
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  12. Some great questions:
    We as in a group of bikers + motofloggers (Old Gregg approved?).
    L and P friendly? Yes.
    No stickers or anything like that.
    Any idiot + friends.
    Typically our charities will require you to pay in advance via the nominated charity's website.

    How dare you be reasonable here! <3

    For sure mate, I'll add you to the message list. You can grab them from a few websites like HelmetHedz (Tassie business) or IronHorseHelmets (American I think) - I'm not associated with either and know there are heaps of sites out there but I like the options at these stores. (Animal for example)


    Could be RidingWithRalphie, he has one of those.
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