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If you are going to break the law, it pays to do it properly

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. 200km/h motorcyclist escapes
    October 15, 2007 12:20pm

    A MOTORCYCLIST clocked at almost 200km/h on the way to the Moto GP
    at Phillip Island was not pursued because the rider was going too fast, police
    said today.

    The rider was heading along the Bass Highway yesterday morning towards
    Phillip Island, where the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix was being, when
    police detected the motorcycle travelling at 197km/h.

    A police spokeswoman said the rider was detected on radar, but not a
    camera so a fine could not be issued.

    Police caught two motorcyclists executing "monos'' (back wheel riding) and
    impounded both bikes.

    The separate incidents happened at Phillip Island and the outer south-eastern
    Melbourne suburb of Cranbourne.


  2. If he didn't have a good excuse for speeding I don't know who does! :grin:
  3. Jeez, losing the bike for a freakn mono is just insane!
  4. I was in Melb this morning.
    I heard a 31y/o died coming from the GP after he and his mate hit a truck !
  5. how fast does one need to go, before its too fast - blurry - for a speed camera to pick you up? :p
  6. Sounds like these were the blokes who passed my hubby on the way to the gp yesterday like he was standing still :shock:
  7. #7 cbwolf, Oct 15, 2007
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    Between 240 - 280 km/h according to Top Gear.

  8. Yeah but they were probably speeding man. Come on! SPEEDING! There's things we can let slip, things that are understandable like you know, killing someone because of "momentary inattention". But wheelies... fcuk they could have killed someone...
  9. So did the police give chase and catch them and couldnt fine them because no photo or did they not bother
  10. Its good to see people running and actually getting away but those riders doing the monos, stuff pulling over after that.
  11. so the secret to getting somewhere is to go fast. here i was going 90 k's from sydney to melbourne last fri/sat.

    good news i live in melbourne now, after 3 months "sans net"
  12. stupid stupid stupid.......... keep that kind off stuff 2 the track
  13. cop cars [the suberu model] cant go faster than 180ks cause there's some sort of kill swich installed in them.

    deadsy wrote

    how true is that^^^^!!!!!!

    send it to the opinions page deadsy

    cheers :cool:
  14. lol good on him
  15. Catch them and put them i jail for 3 months and mo licence for 2 years. That way they might learn what the privledge is to be able to ride on the road. Keep the stunts and racing to the rack
  16. Lovely, give me your mobile number and the next time I go to an accident with a motorcyclists head crushed to a pulp I can give you a call to come have a look.

    Think about the other people these morons affect when they come to grief.
  17. Awesome, can i take pictures?
  18. Ahh, now I know what I'm dealing with, don't know why I bothered typing :roll:
  19. I've got pictures, it aint pretty I tell ya! :(