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If we pretend it's true, then it must be ...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bkdu, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Article on anti speeding devices

    Basically, my beef is with the media. Yes, it's old news, but it never ceases to annoy me ... the fact that the government, industry, etc owned propaganda machine can simply take a lie such as "speeding is the main cause of accidents", state that it's true despite real statistics both national as well as international showing that it is clearly a lie ... and the sheep gobble it all up ... baaaah ... welcome to the farm.

    As an outsider looking in (ie do not consider myself a sheep), I am watching this whole speeding industry unfold. The lie is told and by sheer bombardment with words, false statistics, etc turned into "fact". The majority (sheep) believe it all. To keep it going, the crooks (Gvt, RTA, etc) keep spinning the lies and pretend it's all about safety ... must do something about the carnage ... which is all caused by speeding ... so how about anti speeding devices??? And the sheep go ... baaaah ... without thinking ... 'cause their brains are no longer capable of analytical & critical thought ... too many years of neighbours, survivor, <place name of show here> have dumbed down their brain to the level of ... well, sheep.

    Rant over ... just sitting here waiting for the next plague ... hope it comes soon because - as someone else's tag line reads - this gene pool needs some serious cleansing ... veeeeery soon.

    Not all is bad though ... finally found a Warrior for a reasonable price ... AND the weather was bl00dy awesome on the weekend ... so little ole me went riding. No cops, not too many Sunday drivers ... bewdiful :)

  2. The roads are there as a service to people for getting around. The laws exist supposedly to make them available, safe and efficient. NOT for taxation (ignoring road tax, stamp duty, etc).

    What's happening these days is traffic law and enforcement are being used to extort money from us. In the process they are unethically making our roads MORE UNSAFE and INEFFICIENT:
    - Motorists having to constantly watch their speedos instead of the road
    - Motorists nonchalantly following the speed limit regardless of actual conditions (raises reaction time to the unforseen resulting in accidents)
    - People braking madly before red lights (safety cameras) or speed cameras causing accidents
    - Excessive speed limit reductions reduces traffic capacity and increases congestion
    - Traffic bottlenecks where speed cameras are located, even mobile ones
    - EDIT: Reducing long-distance speed limits increases driver fatigue leading to accidents from falling asleep. Building crap roads is a poor excuse for low speed limits.

    Theres a more subtle thing going on here that I don't like. They are criminalising the general public. Most people don't go out to commit a crime, they just want to get where they are going. Reducing the speed limit and putting up cameras everywhere, double demerits during holidays etc. etc. It all just victimizes everyday Australians going about their business. There are obviously better ways to improve safety and capacity, but they don't make money.

    To me the whole thing stinks to high heaven. It's getting really bad and it will come to a head before long. But then again, we as an electorate seem to just bend over and take it... crappy road surfaces, poor transport planning, toll roads (remember the CCT overland road changes?), increasing CTP... bloody crooks! Something must be done!
  3. In much the same way that we look back on the early history of the world and can't believe the stupidity of laws that existed so will future generations look back at us and say...what a bunch of morons.
  4. Here Here =D&gt;
  5. Glad to see I'm not alone in my thinking :)

    As for the revenue limits, unfortunately we can't get around them ... they're in place, they're being enforced, and their enforcement is being supported by both the "speed kills" propaganda/lies as well as Joe aka baaaah Bloggs out there.

    Went and bought a cruiser ('03 Warrior) to make it a bit harder for "them" to catch me doing stupid things ... or so me thinks :)

    Sometimes I wish I could leave this life, travel the universe & come back every now and then to see what's going on ... and if I like it come back to continue my "class" - just my way of thinking ... could be too weird to explain ... then again, I'm German so I'm a bit strange by nature :)