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If we learnt about bikes from movies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. If we never actually rode motorcycles, and went off purely what we learnt in movies...

    - All bikes are comfortable for pillions.

    - The angrier you are, the faster and easier your helmet comes off.

    - You don't need to change down gears to accelerate, you just twist your wrist and majik wheeliez happen!

    - A dirt-bike can not outrun a Mack truck... but a cruiser can jump into a canal and suffer no damage.

    - The bigger the bike, the better it handles.

    - Bandanas with a skull & cross-bones on them offer adequate cranial protection.

    - Only hot chicks are allowed to ride motorcycles.

    - Shotguns somehow have zero recoil if being fired from a moving motorcycle.

    - V-twins and 4 cyls sound exactly the same.

    - Only bad people fall off.

    - Motorcycles never run out of fuel... unless there is a nearby commune in the future with some fuel, a problem with bandits/other-oppressors and require rescuing.

    - Knobby tyres provide excellent traction on tarmac.

    - You can totally get a lowsided motorcycle back on it's tyres. First try.

    - You will 'make' the jump.

    - Sidecars will not hinder handling.

    - Bullets will only hit the ground around a motorcycle, not matter what angle they are fired at.

    - An electric start motorcycle will start after a drop, 1st time, no worries.

    - A kick-start motorcycle will require at least 5 kicks to get going and will only start when you're about to die unless it starts.

    - Girl's mothers will not like any man that rides a motorcycle.

    - Girls will be instantly attracted to any guy who rides a motorcycle... the more stubble, the better.

    - The only acceptable method of U-turn involves smoking the back tyre and swinging the bike around to face the opposite direction you were originally facing.

    - Only Jim Carrey will encounter bugs on the highway.

    - If you ride a motorcycle you are stronger, faster, and tougher than your opponent.

    - You never have to put gloves on... they just appear on your hands as soon as the bike is started.
  2. Goddammit!!! They lied to me!!!
  3. All the stuff listed above make the movie enjoyable.!!
  4. All the stuff listed above make the movie enjoyable.!! and so predicatable. Everyone loves the good guy to win
  5. -18 year old bogans from Western Sydney can afford to own and run Meriden Triumph Bonnies.
  6. yeah, I still can't believe a naked Speed Triple can stop 9mm bullets ! :shock:


  7. - your road bike/cruiser will magically transform into a dirt bike with similar fairing as you go over a jump, then back

    - (in low budget movies) your road bike will sound exactly like a YZ 125
  8. Nah they dont just stop the bullets , but surprise surprise the bullets do tend to plug all the oil leaks

    :LOL: :p
  9. I thought you can pick up hot chics on a Vespa like how Gregory Peck did !


    But when I went to Moda Scooters on Oxford St Darlinghurst :LOL:
    I got looks from a different sort when testing out the comfort on a Vespa !

    Not that theres anything wrong with that ! :grin:
  10. What movie is that from?
  11. according to this movie....2 ton landcruisers can keep up with speed triples :shock: ..... what the?? :evil:

    but it is bulletproof :grin:
  12. when tom cruize rides a triumph speed tripple in 'impossible' it has the engine of a four cylinder rather than 3 cylinders.
  13. "looking for Alibrandi"

    The hot, bad-boy love interest, from a poor single parent family, wrong side of the tracks etc,etc... And then he takes Alibrandi out for a ride on his Bonnie! The movie lost all credibility for me then.
    He's supposed to be poor, but he rides an immaculate example of a very expensive to buy and maintain bike.
    Realistically, he would have turned up on a CB250, or mabye a ratty CBR250. That wouldn't be quite as cool though...
  14. - Knobby tyres provide excellent traction on tarmac.
    ... and vice versa. The number of scenes with road bikes on dirt roads. :roll:

    - An electric start motorcycle will start after a drop, 1st time, no worries.
    It'll start, then you just need to give it a good rev... and away she goes. Maybe you haven't dropped enough bikes to know that. :wink:

    - Girl's mothers will not like any man that rides a motorcycle.
    I've found its more that their fathers don't like any guy who rides a motorcycle... UNLESS the father still currently rides.

    - Girls will be instantly attracted to any guy who rides a motorcycle... the more stubble, the better.
    I tried using that line, and got told to shave. :oops:

  15. What movie is that???
  16. Yeah that sucks. You'd think that after so many years of stereotyping someone would start believing it! C'mon girls, the movies say its true!! You believe in all that misty eyed true love crap so why not this??
  17. I'm in love with a man with a full beard who rides an ER-5.

    Is that enough stubble? :LOL: :LOL:
  18. He's probably poor from buying the thing and [/i]then having to maintain it :LOL:

    BTW mine wasn't expensive to buy and isn't that expensive to maintain, but I'm happy to keep the rumour going :wink:
  19. Scrambles would know this . . . .

    In T2, as Arnie was riding a Harley through the LA canals to chase John Conner being chased by a truck while on his 80cc trail bike !, which goes pretty quick :shock:

    Did Arnie use his left or right hand to shoot the padlocks to open the gates ? If so, how did he apply throttle ? :shock:
  20. He used his........left. And don't forget when the truck actually catches the bike AND RAMS IT FROM BEHIND, HARDLY UPSETTING JOHN CONNER AT ALL!!!
    Also keep an eye out for some mad stairway foot-down action by the T-1000 at Cyberdyne.
    Yes, I love 80's and 90's action movies and can quote 'em all.
    My mum says I'm the coolest person she knows.