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If they want perfect people working for them, they should hire God

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Seriously, here's some guy being pilloried for something he did 13 years ago as a fireman,


    he didn't damage property, cost the Department any money, jeopardise public safety, or, I'm sure, cause anyone to think any worse of the Fire Department

    I'm tempted to say "only in America" but I'm betting the same thing has, or will, happen here too. Is it any wonder people don't volunteer for jobs when they know they'll be hung out to dry for the slightest misdemeanour :roll:.
  2. I want to see the photographs.
  3. Dirt is what feeds the lame stream media presstitutes
  4. In America they lap up this holier-than-thou stuff like crack.

    Most public figures and officials have to pander to this, but it is especially bad in the states.
  5. It ends up that their Politicians and higher public servants are plastic people, continuously image managed totally out of touch with their subordinates or constituents. I would have respected this guy much more if he had come out and said yes I posed with a bikini clad girl 13 years ago and so what.

    Unfortunately the plastic people managers are breeding and are gaining sway here as well.
  6. Pretty tame for a firey...
  7. Why don't they go and rent a copy of Backdraft? Then they can take the actors to court for simulating sex on a fire-truck ...

    I thought for most women, firemen were a bit of a sex symbol? Honestly - who fuels this kind of crap?
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  10. Fictional characters tend not to be the most productive workers though.

    I read the article twice and I still don't actually understand how what this guy did was a bad thing.
  11. Thermal, please knock it off, you have derailed another thread with your views, and a general warning to all was issued then, just let it go and live and let live, this is an official warning as you are bordering on trolling.
  12. I accept that the other thread went off topic (ironically) and I don't believe I have ever derailed another in the past. However, I think it's well within the realm of acceptable to comment on the actual title of the thread.
  13. It's not open for discussion, you are derailing this thread as well over a throwaway line, I have said it before please stop doing it and get on with other things, if you want to discuss deities do it in a separate thread and not comment on titles topics etc if they are not pertinent to the discussion. period not negotiable etc.
  14. What starts with f and ends with uck?

    Fire truck.

    Better? Or are jokes about the subject matter against the rules too? For a group of people who like to pride themselves on being rebellious, you sure don't like freedom of speech. Besides, had you not said anything, this thread would be going on its merry way.

    Also in future, I'd appreciate you don't lie about me. And that's the last I'll say on the matter in the interests of letting this thread get back to talking about stupid shit Americans do.
  15. No lies, you derailed another thread and started to do so in this one like it or not, instead of getting defensive admit you stuffed up and move on which is what I said in the forst place, as for freedom of speech, think about that next time you make a throwaway comment about another person's title.
    As a mod I have warned you not to continue along this path please take it seriously and don't sook. If you hadn't opened your big opinionated mouth then this would not have happened would it?
    If you continue this after this post consider yourself trolling.
  16. I would hope that in Australia the bloke would be applauded. It sounds like he didn't even pose with the girl while she was topless. Seriously, American public life is a mess. Biege, biege, biege.

    PS: My girlfriend just read the article and her comment was; "That is just stupid."
  17. And in France he'd get promotion and a medal.

    Thirteen years later - who cares.
  18. exactly!!!
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    In NSW a few years ago, it was reported in the papers that the boss public servant in the Dept of Education (Director General?) had been done for dope at some point in the past. Apart from an initial outburst of horror from the usual suspects, life went on and he stayed in the job. I think he was even promoted off to a more senior Dept under the new Govt. It amused me when the point was made that the Dept would reject an application from a newly minted Teacher Ed graduate who was in the same situation.
  20. Yes, he was moved sideways to be the head of Treasury under the new Government.

    I have met him, and he's a perfectly charming man.

    I just can't see why something the fireman did 13 years ago, which wasn't then, or even now, illegal, or prejudicial to his job, should be such an issue....