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If they build it, we will come!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by icemaker, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Being a slow Friday and day dreaming about bikes, I got to thinking about the bikes Ive owned and the certain attributes I love about each bike.

    '99 VFR800 = the sound, oh the sound these things make, the over engineering of the motor with the geared cams making it bullet proof, and did I mention the sound!!!
    Z1000 = Streetfighter looks, torque monster that wheelies at will, nimble and alot a fun to ride
    Ninja 1000 = sleek all rounder, jet like pull in the mid range, lovely induction sound at higher revs, excellent handling, factory luggage options for touring.
    Now mold all that into one bike and the result.........A brand new Honda CB1000R

    Imagine Honda rebuild the V4 (gear driven cams included) from the 5th Gen VFRs, reworked it to approx. 1000cc capacity, stuffed that into a newly designed frame with a single sided swing arm and fully adjustable suspension (not electronic). Pop a minimum 19 litre tank on top, a basic electronics package (dont need any fancy gizmos), 'mini' fairing and screen on the front, a super neat and intergrated pannier system ala the Ninja and some super sexy wheels. Keep the package to around 180kg - 200kg wet and your on an absolute winner..............Id be all over it like a fat kid on cupcakes!! It would give the title of this thread a second meaning!! ;)

    Something that looks similar to this would be nice but without the classic look and a bit more fairing + belly pan on the front to bulk it up and give it that fat stance.
    honda-cb4-six50-concepts-eicma-1. honda-cb4-six50-concepts-eicma-3.
    So what do you want them to build?
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  2. Starts looking awefully similiar to a MV Dragster....
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  3. Not a bad thing is it! Actually in my head I'm imagining a cross breed of Dragster / Speed Triple. Dragster front, speed rear.
  4. This was circulated a short while ago - reported to be the next Brutale 1090 for release next year. Sign me up.

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  5. Triumph have already created my dream second bike.

    The T120 Bonneville..

    Problem is that I don't have the moolah to keep a second bike. :D
  6. The VFR1200 was SUPPPOSED to be something like what you describe, instead Honda did what they thought the market would want and laid an egg....
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  7. Im on quite a few Blackbird sites worldwide, The VFR 1200 was supposed to be the Blackbird replacement, It failed miserably,
    Quite a few bought them, Got dissapointed very quickly and went back to the Blackbird,
    They didnt sell very well either, Thats from a Honda dealer,