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If they applied this idea to MotoGP I would not be happy....

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by incitatus, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. That's just fcuking stupid. The reason women don't go isn't because they for some reason can't afford to pay as much as men, it's because they don't friggin want to. :shock:

    If they did it at Moto GP they'd have a riot on their hands. If they can afford to have cheaper tickets for anyone, then they can afford it for everyone.
  2. It's only for a small fenced off area that was set up as a singles area and obviously had too many blokes the previous year.
  3. So? it's a bloody race not a B&S ball.........
  4. Girls don't like Forumla One?

    Damn, they're smarter than they look. :grin:
  5. The trouble with these sorts of 'sexist' exemptions is that they almost always discriminate against guys. If the number of approved applications was about equal then I wouldn't have near as much of a problem with VCAT's interpretation of the regulations.

    Instead we see female only gyms, female only clubs and now female only racing ticket discounts.

    But if a male group wants to create something similar the bar is way higher (which is the problem, not that a leval of reasonable proof of need exists).
  6. Good. Cheaper to go with my 4 wives.
  7. I would agree that there is no valid reason for this exemption to be granted, but I'd say this is not so much the case of it being female-only like the gyms and restricted clubs. It's more like the nightclub situation where the bouncer knocks back guys but lets girls in, to even up the gender balance.
    The nightclub may have a (flimsy) case in that if such a business gets known as being male-dominated it can tend to eventually kill the business. I can't see what the justification is in the case of the Traction club. Do they really think guys are going there to pick up?
  8. excellent. and if i dress ken up in Inci's new corset maybe i can get him in cheap too :)

    except she was MissHeard so we don't know that's exactly what she said! :LOL: :roll: :p
  9. I'm just guessing but maybe they want to attact women who otherwise wouldn't go.

    at least there will be things to keep people occupied til the race starts
  10. Maybe it's to try and prevent the sausage fest like at Phillip Island over the racing weekend!! :p

    I cant really see it being a problem, they're just trying to provide incentives for girls to come along, and it's only for one specific area. Yes its about the racing, but it's also about the atmosphere. Indy at the Gold Coast is loaded with chicks and there's no problems with that!! I think the guys might just getting in a huff over girls getting cheaper tickets! [-(