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If there are any fans of the old-school rave out there

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Luna-C has released his latest supaset, number 8 - Luna-C FM 3. it is now extended and without his talking over it.

    link located here http://www.kniteforcerevolution.com/music/mixes
    whole heap of styles all mixed up and chopped together, though mostly breaks and breakbeat. similar to his previous FM's, most tracks based on some sort of mainstream song.

    He has also put his mix at bangface up for download on the same page, down the bottom. havnt listend to that mix but it

    For those with no idea what i'm talking about, you may remember a track back in the early 90's called sesame's treat by the smart-e's that became pretty big. Luna-C was one of the main people behind it.
  2. If videogames affected kids behaviour then kids who grew up with Pacman would all be running around in dark rooms munching magic pills to electronic music. (can't remember who wrote it)

  3. Ahhhh......raves.........can't remember too much detail about them, but I look like I'm having a hell of a time in the photos! :grin:
  4. That's one option. The other is to be able to enjoy the memories.