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if the poms have them why don't we?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. The UK’s first bike friendly crash barrier has been installed in County Durham.
    Made in Spain the Biker-Safe barrier has been designed to absorb the energy of a crashing bike and prevent riders hitting support pillars, which is one of the main causes of serious injuries or death.

    A spokesman for Durham Police, the country’s most bike friendly force said: “Normal roadside barriers are designed to retain cars, vans and trucks but in many instances can be deadly for motorcyclists who collide with them.


  2. If enough riders got off their bums and wrote to the Govt, then I'm sure that we would get these too.

    But, the number of vocal riders is not great enough.

    Maybe register your name Here so that someone could see that you are interested....... Enough faces to names - and the pollies may start to listen.
  3. As I've mentioned way previously - there are several trials currently being undertaken of various forms of barrier protection in Victoria.

    Some of the European ones disintegrated in less than a year in Australian conditions so some fairly stringent testing has been needed.

    In Victoria roundabouts and other signs have killed and injured far more riders than roadside barriers - there is a policy to now replace those at known motorcycle blackspots with motorcycle friendly ones - mainly the flexible ones.
  4. John/Tony, is anything being done to roll back the crazy idea of planting flowers and shrubs and trees (!!) on roundabouts, so you can't see where the rest of the traffic is?? This is surely "Greening Australia" taken to idiotic and dangerous extremes.....
  5. I think this is a better pic rather than the OP.
  6. So why do so many pollies listen to Harold Scruby?
    He has no members of his so called Pedestrian council yet gets in the ears of media and politicians whereas you guys were supposed to have marvellous things promised to us and have still to deliver.
  7. county Durham also has no speed cameras, unless that has changed. The only county in the whole of the UK without. The head honcho's there understand that they achieve nothing in comparison to having a disco car.
  9. Maybe that's because you guys won't get behind us and back us up.

    BTW - we are meeting with Minister Pallas on Wednesday. Will be telling him about what you are saying.....
  10. How can we back you up when you haven't told us what these wonderful things are?
    All you say is "wait and see"
    Well we've been waiting long enough, how about you deliver?
  11. Sorry Smee - I forgot, you don't get it do you..... otherwise you wouldn't speak this way.....

    Its not up to us to deliver. We just try to push things along - and that is why we have got a meeting with Pallas on Wed.

    If he was getting similar pressure from the voters - like you, then our pushing would have more impact.

    As I said - the support we need is for others to voice their concerns - in concert with us. That's why MRA has teamed with MA, VACC and the Scooter Federation - to create a louder voice.

    I assume you can see the direction I am trying to take. Many voices

    Leave personalities out of it (if that is where your initial comment was aimed). No use having a go at us personally - we are just trying to get heard on your behalf...... if you don't want to join in yelling with us - then whatever we do will have less impact. BTW, I really don't know why I bother trying sometimes...... :roll: :roll:
  12. I'm only responding to the comments you made earlier this year that you had stuff in the offing.
    As for voting well I'm not in a swinging seat and if you bothered to look at the voting number of motorcyclists we are insignificant and have no real impact on any election.
    Don't take things personally it isn't personal but when you crow on and on about stuff then fail to deliver then it wears thin in the believability stakes.
    I'll ask you again why does Harold Scruby and his pedestrian council hold more sway than the combined motorcycling organisations?
    What does he do to get noticed?
  13. Darebin City Council in inner Melbourne once once introduced tall shrubs on a number of roundabouts because it's engineering department reasoned that if drivers couldn't see what traffic was approaching, they would instinctively slow down.

    This, presumably, was to lessen the severity of the impacts that would inevitably occur due to the fact that the drivers couldn't see what was coming... :roll:
  14. Because the government cares how many friends it has on Facebook and is super duper scared of being tagged in embarrassing photos...
  16. They wont do it, it all comes down to money. Currency its an international language.
  17. Very few people are just quietly minding their own business when a barrier jumps out and kills them, they're giving it some stick. So how about this, f*ck the barriers, how about some race tracks? It's beyond me why that's never considered a part of the solution. You don't need a Calder Park or Willowbank quality facility for dickheads in their 16 second "drag car", and laying a couple of k's of twisty track should be a breeze.