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If the motorcycle world where like highschool cliques...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by thecptn, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. What would your bike be? the Hyosung GT650, def will be the wierd new Korean kid that isnt really popular at all, made fun of usually by the older ..."others"

  2. 1992 Yamaha FZR1000
    Probably be one of the high school sporting jocks who has had a couple to many kegs. Was once considered fast but is now overweight (~230kg) and just tried to keep up with the fast sporting crowd.
  3. VFR the "B" grade all subjects student.
    Pretty good at everything but excelling at nothing...........

    I DO love my bike.....even though Blackbirds are now 12990 at PS........
  4. vtr250

    The popular first year student, probably grows up to be the prom king/queen (ducati monster :p). People don't know why this first year student is popular until they go up and meet him/her ;)
  5. GS500

    The below-the-radar kid who doesn't top the class, but doesn't get bullied either, friends with everyone. Can smoke most of the flashy 250 juniors easily :p but chooses to ignore taunts and reads books in the library instead.
  6. GSXR600K6

    the school athlete that made the State rep team in the 100m :grin:
  7. RGV250.
    The kid that is always tired in the morn, but when the wheeties kick in around 10 he goes nuts. :grin: :grin:

    Follows his father(rg500) and starts to SMOKE at a young age.
  8. +1 Couldn't have said it better Gracebeey :grin:
  9. The CBR250RR - The wanna-be older and impressive, but settles for being pretty and trying to look like one of the big kids. Mine's one of the littlies wearing makup and heels trying to get into a nightclub :LOL: . The CBR's popular in the slightly bad-kid way... always up for a dare - unless it's ego might get threatened by potential failure, of course! Oh, and she's probably good at some common sport like netball :rofl:
  10. I have to say that the Duc monster would be the older-(step)-brother of the vtr IMO... The monster would be the H.S front rowers who prarade around in their jerseys all the time...
    and the CBR250s are the young juniors who crave the attention of the older mob. They always seem to try and prove themselves to everyone...

    and the ct 110 would be kid who doesn't really speak... he's below average and has that bad B.O problem and loves art classes... that wierd kid, i'm sure u know of that guy/girl who just didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the year??
  11. Honda Blackbird

    The slightly overweight kid who constantly surprises the athletes in the school with his speed. An easy to get along with kid but perceived as a little boring by some, but you soon find that is incorrect once you get to know him. Gets along best with the older kids and teachers.
  12. RF900RLE
    A little different, a little odd but friendly if you get to know it.
    Report card would say: Works hard, plenty of Torque! :grin:
  13. BMW R1150R, Just plain different, too individualistic to mix much with the other kids, efficient enough but often teased about his looks, clothes, and not fitting in. Shares an interest in guns with his mate Dylan Klebold, and is a Rammstein fan.
  14. My FZR250 is the little asian exchange student... that knows Kung Fu.
  15. Speed Triple: funny looking English kid with the strange sense of humour that nobody quite gets. Often dismissed as a weirdo, but when he cuts loose, goes WAY beyond the boundaries...
  16. My honda vt 750 ace, black and with all the chrome would be the wanna be rapper with the fully sick bro' slick back hair with the bling bling.....................while my yammy TTR250 would be the "innocent" long legged girl with a short skirt that keeps somehow riding up over her waist :smileysex: :rofl:
  17. Honda Spada - Probably that poor kid who has second hand text books and uniforms and hangs around the fringes of the popular groups wanting to fit in.....
  18. ZX2r - the winging kid
  19. virago: skinny blonde emo kid who dresses in black but just doesn't fit in with the goth kids
  20. +1 :LOL: