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If the bike doesn't kill me, my girlfriend will...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jrouble, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, J here from Melbourne, after some long research and lots of reading (man there are some helpful stickies around here) I decided to stop lurking and start posting.

    Never owned a bike, never ridden a bike (other then a few 50cc scooters) and looking to get as learned as possible before taking the plunge and sinking some bucks into my new obsession: motorcycles.

    Hope to gain a lot of good information and advice!
  2. I suspect your motorcycle is much less likely to murder you than your girlfriend. But then again, I don't actually know your girlfriend.
    Nice thread title.
  3. Welcome to posting on Netrider
  4. Lose the girlfriend and get one who'll let you ride bikes.

    Or man up and buy one anyway. How does it feel to let a woman have you by the balls?
  5. There - fixed it for you
  6. Hi J, so you're married right? no? hmm, anyhoo, what sort of bike are you after or wanting to get? Have a look at the bikes for sale on here, got your learners yet? No? what are you waiting for? Dont tell her just do it!!
    Go on, what are you waiting for, scoot, go, NOW!!!!!!