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If superman painted a bike this would be it.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zbike, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. finally finished my bike after being off the road for a good 6 months. After sever loss of compression.

    -head with zzr one
    -New rings and gaskets
    -Water pump
    -flasher box


    Got to test out a whole bunch of new paints from new suppliers. incidentally it ended up being colored like superman, im even considering painting the logo on the tank


    Since i got it
    -GPX 600 Rear shock
    -Heavier Fork oil
    -Heavier Springs
    -Shorty can (fark its loud now)
    -Air pod fileters
    -Rejet (still needs some tunning)


    Just glad to be back on the road. almost a shame im off my restrictions in a month and probably getting something bigger.
    Not bad cost me $1500 all up.
    BTW its a 87 grey import GPX
    Still a few little things to do but woot 98% finished and on the road.
  2. Congrats, top effort

    Looks different :cool:
  3. That is FREAKIN' AWESOME!! :woot:

    You've made it happen, the GPX Street Fighter!!! Love the headlight assembly, the colours look great, and yes, the Superman Logo would finish it off!!

    Congratulations, Z, to a job well done!!!!!!!!!!! :grin:
  4. yeah nice job dude.like the headlights to they look wicked.
    but what does it go like???
  5. It goes like a GPX, doesn't it??? :LOL:
  6. craziest gpx i've ever seen, i like it :grin:
  7. Well Done !!!
    Def looks different :wink:
  8. I reckon that with stars added it'd be closer to Captain America's ride.

    Superman would ride an Across, so he could put his helmet in the tank-storage compartment when he needed to break out the costume.
  9. :roll: Don't encourage him
    :p :p
  10. We're speaking Acrosses here - it would have to be Supergirl. :p
  11. took it to old pac & roadw warriors today. Much more comfy than my mates cbr, it goes good in the twisties. Not the best way to run in an engine :(
    kept gettting compression lock up around the tight corners thou.
  12. +1

    Good to see someone having a play around!
  13. change the rear sprocket to sth bigger and stunt it up y0