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If someone pushed ur bike over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by linx, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. So what would people do if someone pushed their bike over and you caught them in the act .........????

  2. I think you'd know the answer to that. ;)

    You make them pay for the damage and buy you a few extra go-fast bits.
  3. I guess that all depends on how big they were and :LOL: if they looked crazier than me.

    Did someone push your bike over?
  4. Arrest them.
    Charge them with malicious damage to property and attempt steal motor vehicle.
    Apply for victim of crimes compensation, and then get my insurer to fix it and chase the offender. :LOL:
  5. Depends on there attitude and if it was an acident.
  6. How do you accidently walk over to a bike & push it over Woodsey?
  7. Ahhh pushed over (intentional) as oposed to knocked over (accidental).

    Ok quick smack in the head then :p
  8. Just going on OP buddy. :p

    To me he talking about someone who goes up to ya ride & pushes the biatch over. AngeryHit2.

    I'd be with you on that one Woodsy. I wouldnt be too happy. fing23.
  9. For me, it would probably be my first "Red Mist" moment in a long time.
    Even a simple drop like that would cause a few grands worth of damage to my bike, so it is no small matter.
  10. i was riding down the residential area of chapel st 2 days ago and came across a scooter that was lying on its side on a footpath. i turned around to have a look and see if it looked like it had been stolen and dumped etc. the side stand was down and it looked like it had been pushed over or fell over. i decided to let it lie there, it wasn't going to sustain further damage sitting there and the owner would probably want to know their side stand was faulty of they parked poorly and as a result if tipped over if that was the case.
  11. They've got 8 fingers and 2 thumbs....
    ...but they wouldn't have 10 digits after i was through with my cold, sweet revenge. :soapbox:
  12. I'd ask them for their details so I can send them the bill for the repair.
  13. Someone does that, they're expecing a fight. It's like slapping your girlfriend. Unless she's one of those ones that likes a slappin'.
  14. How about make them pick up the bike, push them over and then the bike on top of them. Leave them there, go have a coffee to cool off, and when you come back, they should have had some time to think about what they've done.

    Then bill them for damages, and the coffee :grin:

    Of course beyond the obvious assault charges which would be put against you. I don't know how to get around this one. I've had the killing/severely beating people who mess with my property argument with my GF on many occasions, we apparently have different views on that, although she is a lawyer. Hasn't yet come up with a more effective solution to the problem, as we all know the cops won't come for two hours, and how do you keep someone there beyond chopping their legs off... makes perfect sense to me!
  15. I'd be finding their car and rounding up a few friends to push that over :twisted: .
  16. citizens arrest ( if u can manage it)
    call the cops
    state ur name or part of
    tell them u called the cops
    tell them y

    malicouse damage
    then compo for malicouse damage through small claims court or similar

    Thats pretty much the laws but they they work that well in reality and even for a grand or two most people would prefer not to go through the process
  17. Grab the camera out and snap a quick photo of them first, and the damage to the bike and the area.

    Look for what vehicle they get into (if any) and take the registration, and if possible a photo.

    Call the cops and make a complaint.

    Call my insurance company, then let the insurance company sort it out.
  18. Yup that works for me.
  19. since this has happened to me twice in 2 yrs i have thought about this long and hard....

    have you ever seen that part of mad max where they drag the guy behind the bike for awhile? i'd give the toe-cutter a call and do that for awhile...
  20. If someone pushed ur bike over it. . . would be a declaration of war.