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. . . if say, I was to organise a leaner mystery ride in Syd . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. . . . if say, I was to organise a learner mystery ride in Syd . .

    . . . and take the group through the McCleay - Bayswater Rd loop through the Cross ! . . and knowing that this is happening -


    Reckon the undercover D's will flinch seeing a group of riders doing laps ? 8-[
  2. Only danger i see is if they have bought a POS as there 1st bike and 1 starts backfiring as they go
  3. . . . and not to forget our "in case of emergency - break glass" keyrings with Hornet's contact details scribbled on a piece of paper inside ! :D
  4. A LEANER Mystery Ride, only for riders who've been fat but dieted their way down, or, perhaps a LEARNER Mystery Ride :LOL:???

    Either way, if you need any help, up to but not including the keyrings, let me know. Too many idiots (not your good self, of course, Michael) know my phone number already :roll:.
  5. I was going to ask the same thing...LEANER!!!
  6. i liked leaner, you will need to cut the fat and get doers if you are to oust ibrahim micky
  7. not in the thread title it isn't :LOL:
  8. fark... i was there that night without even realising!

    I thought the security was acting a bit funny... It was easier than usual to get into clubs last sat night and the security were definitely not focusing predominantly on the patrons entering the clubs...

  9. Re: . . . if say, I was to organise a learner mystery ride in Syd . .

    Probably just assume that Notorious had finally gotten bikes.