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If life were more like a video game...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mipearson, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. ... my motorcycling gear would act like a powered HEV suit, displaying my health, energy level, and remaining ammunition. In the event of the off an eerie voice would sound in my ears and say "Multiple fractures detected ... administering morphine".

    (if you haven't played Halflife or Halflife 2, do so right now!)

    What's your life-like-a-video-game idea?
  2. Please use your Gauss gun or Manipulator for good not evil.
  3. I'd have funky music in the background all the time without the need for my ipod shuffle! And everytime I jumped it'd make a high pitched sound. Could never get bored with that
  4. Leathers like the Master Chief's battle suit in Halo 2, complete with force field.
  5. Riding hard at night can be like a video game...

    Head out along a twisty un-lit country road. Avoid the bouncing wildlife, negotiate the treacherous turns and the oncoming trafiffic that advances menacingly down the screen...

    Each gear acts as a new higher level that makes the threats apperar all the more rapidly...

    One life, then its game over...

    and you wouldn't actually fall off the bike unless it came to a stop upside down :D and the bike would have cooool alien weapons and your grenades would stick to ppls :twisted:
  7. If you come off you magically find yourself placed in the middle of the road, flash for a couple of seconds and be on your merry way.
  8. POSTAL 2
    I could walk around shooting random assholes, douse people with petrol, set them on fire and if I catch fire I'd just piss on myself. :D
    On the down side, when you piss on a cop he/she will shoot you dead :(

    Nah, life should be like NFS underground............. :D
  9. ohhh
    life should be like Lesure Suit Larry!!!!
  10. Having life like Road Rash 3 would be interesting. Riding along on your bike and seeing Trees standing in the sky for no reason. Great for a laugh. Ah, the fun old days of the flawed 3DO