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if its too good to be true...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by awseome, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hmmmm.....elaborate?

  2. Details, sir, details!
  3. as above.
  4. LOL i will . just have a huge headache atm. will write a full incident report later..
  5. ^ Drowning his sorrows...........bummer.....

  6. :-/ Doesn't sound good mate! Sorry to hear that you got duped.
  7. being on gumtree alone should sound alarm bells!!
  8. oh well if you all insist. called this dude up. he said bike is in the city if you want to see it, so braved the rain and wind to go to a predetermined location. bike checked out. did a vic road check came back positive no finance, not stolen etc.etc, All 3 keys available handbook bill of sale .. the works. so i happily paid a deposit. went back to work checked bikesales to compare the prices, and there it was listed for nearly 9k more. Called the dealership, bike was bought with a bounced cheque. gave them the location and they went and got it.

    guy has not called, so the dep is gone, but there is a silver lining, the good people at the dealership ( who i am HUGELY impressed with ) are going to refund my dep. so all's well that ends well..
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    Sounds bad dude, waiting with interest too.

    Edit... doh beat me to it.. reading now...
    Wow good on the dealership! Lucky for you mate! Who were they? Reasonable bunch by the sounds of it, though they likely have a legal recourse to collect that back too.
    Now you need to get his address and go postal!

  10. WOW! Props to the dealer...I think this is a case of name and PRAISE

    Sounds like a crafty way to swindle some $$$
  11. man that blows...good of the dealership to give you the deposit though. But I have to wonder why would the dealership let the bike go before the cheque had cleared and the money was in their account?
  12. its Ducati City. and my next bike will be from them for sure.
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  13. @ mr grumpy true that, personal cheques are normally not accepted
  14. Well done to Ducati City!
  15. I also cant work out why it wasn't reported stolen on the REVS check, what was he, Nigerian?
  16. That was my first thought, sounds like a bad way to do business
  17. yep almost brought a bike a couple of weeks ago from gumtree (had a gut feeling something wasn't right with it) turned out to be stolen, but had to check every with state revs check to find it out, so something is up with the precheck system atm.....luckily though i didn't put any cash down though

    Glad to hear you got your cash back and thumbs up to the dealer =D&gt;
  18. i don't think the dealer actually reported it stolen. reason why the checks came back as ok. its only yesterday that they realized the cheque had bounced.
  19. Holy crap, thats awesomely (Is that a word?) nice of Ducati.