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If it wasn't for my bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loth, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. I'd still be taking 2 hours to go to Macquarie uni, 1 way. Instead of 1 hour.

  2. i would not be in here
  3. i'd be stuck in a cage
  4. i wouldn't have met some of the friends i have now.
  5. i woud actually have to fix my ute and put new tires on it
  6. i would have been rear ended in my cage, costing money to fix
  7. no you wouldnt have cause you couldnt have gotten yourself into that situation in a barina hahaha :LOL:
  8. Omfg that reminds me, today on Harris St (at Ultimo) I was lanesplitting, and there was a loud BANG on my right. A car had rear ended a 4WD.
  9. you obviously have never seen me drive it :LOL:

    got it up on two wheels through national park at 2am :oops:
  10. I would be alot richer!
  11. I wouldn't be sober....
  12. If it wasn't for my bike...
    I wouldn't know that i can put ghost rider to shame. :LOL:
  13. I wouldn't have noticed duff's sig and laughed..

    And then :oops: because I didn't think I was geeky enough to know what it's from :facepalm: 8-[
  14. I wouldnt be here and would waste the money on cars instead :D, and wouldnt have met some of the great people I have.
  15. ..Wouldnt have brothers.
  16. ...I would probably be quilting on the weekends :shock:

    ...would not have had to employ a gardner to mow my lawn :eek:
  17. .... i would have around $8000 extra in my bank....

    .... i wouldn't know the pleasure of 330k off $14....
  18. I wouldn't have that little bit of sanity left in me.

    Only a little bit mind you.
  19. if it wasn't for my bike, my dad & BF wouldn't have bonded & become so close.

    however I also would have had an extra $8000 paid off the house loan!
  20. ...I wouldn't be as good a cage driver as I am (if everyone had riden a bike, I believe that the amount of motorbike accidents would decrease.. a bit)