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If it looks & smells like an idiot ...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. If it looks & smells like an idiot ...it probably is :roll:
    For those who are relatively 'new' to riding, learn to develop & trust your sixth sense. This is NOT one of those " damn cager cut me off! :cry: posts. Lord knows we see enough of those :roll:

    Anyway, on my way home last night I noticed what I suspected was your typical 'crummydoor' driver up ahead. he was doing the usual shit .. tailgating, changing lanes at every op. We get to the lights ( RED), I filter to the front ( guy is now 3 cars behind in an adjacent lane to my left ). Take off ... get a nice buffer between the cars and myself. Moment later whilst negotiating a roundabout .. the 'idiot' comes up on my right, merges to the left cutting me off :evil: ( I had to apply a little brake whilst leaned slightly).
    OK ... I thought he is a fcukWIT, let it be .. I don't wanna be anywhere near this one.
    Up ahead I see him weaving through traffic, he is now in the left lane tailgating another. I see a vehicle up ahead wanting to do a U-turn into the right lane .. 'surely not' I think.
    Yep! the idiot then cuts into the right lane, almost T-bones the vehicle doing the U-turn, cuts back into the left ( almost side-swiping someone else), then cuts back to the right in what looked like a 'fish-tail' maneuver.

    THEN ... as he stopped at the red light up ahead.. HE pulls up beside the guy he almost T-boned and starts abusing HIM ?? :evil:
    Damn I felt like smashing the SOB! where is MG when he is needed I'm thinking :wink:
    If I had my cam running I'd have sent a copy to the cops, this guy was a danger to everyone he shared the road with.

    The point to this LONG-WINDED post. If you suspect there is a monkey behind the controls of a motor vehicle .. there probably IS. Keep him/her in your sights, but steer clear. It may save your skin.
  2. Whenever I see/feel that someone could be a negligent driver/rider, I stay as far from them as possible, then some more.
  3. Already do. :wink: Still, a very good point for the newer commuters/riders out there.
  4. guns should be legal. that is all i have to say
  5. Well at least paintball guns attached to your motorcycle type anyway :twisted:
  6. with acid balls and not paint
  7. next time memorise the rego and report
  8. You did well Vinnie.
    A good reminder to all of us that we should ride like no one sees us or cares about us and to keep a little in reserve at all times. :wink:

    To much of this maybe bong.
  9. helmet cam maybe?
  10. Saw what could have been the same guy on the m5 a few years back.

    Making a goose of himself weaving in and out of traffic late at night, cutting people off and intimidating people.

    He swerves around a car going from right to left lane, blows the front tyre and rolls the car up then down the embankment.

    Me and a few people stop and run back to his car to find him walking in the middle of the freeway screaming abuse. He wants to have a go at us of course, meanwhile the girlfriend is on the side of the road with seatbelt injuries ubable to walk.

    Waited around long enough for the cops to show so I could be sure they'd book him.
  11. i had a very very close call today, not on the bike thankfully, in my road tank (station wagon). I just narrowly avoided having my car written off in a roadworks zone, the speed dropped back to 40kmh because they need to stop the traffic sometimes.

    I was at the rear of a group of cars, almost stationary and I see a car flying up in my rear view mirror. I think to myself "damn hes leaving his braking late". I can see hes not slowing down so i began to pull off to the side onto the shoulder, and then i hear his brakes lock up so I give the wagon a quick squirt of gas onto the grass in the middle. He was almost certainly doing more than 90, my car would have been written off for sure.

    Seriously WTF, theres plenty of things wrong here, how far ahead was this guy looking?? at his bonnet?? How the hell can people go so fast when the speeds been dropped back to 40 and still not give a shit about where theyre going, and what theyre running into.

    This kind of thing freaks me out on the bike where the mirrors have a narrow field of view for whats in your rear view. I wonder what would have happened if i was on my bike, i almost certainly wouldnt have seen him. I would probably be busted up at the moment.

    paranoia is your friend everyone is out to get you. pay attention cos you cant trust anybody else to!
  12. Good advice Vinnie. For some reason when I'm on the bike I tend to notice more idiots on the road then when I'm in a car.
    And I agree, get as far away from them as possible.
  13. Who knows...

    I've noticed that with alarming frequency, people don't seem to look at what's coming up ahead and plan accordingly.

    Lane closures, cars parked in lanes, other situations... Visible for hundreds of metres (often warned about on plain signage) and yet they still act like it's a huge EVASIVE ACTION!!!1 surprise when they finally reach the closure/parked car/etc. :?
  14. you calling me?
  15. For all of it's dangers, a decent bike is without doubt the best "get away" machine on the road...Nowadays when I drive the car, I feel like I am "caged" into my spot by the cars around me...rarely do I feel "trapped" on a bike...far easier to just get away from all the drama.

    Your "commute senses" are getting pretty finely tuned there, Vinnie. Well spotted, mate. :grin:

  16. :LOL: Joel
    I didn't type 'clown' did I ? :bolt: :wink:

    John, Yep, it's quite fun being able to pick out these drivers from the bunch. I just hope I don't get too relaxed one day and find one of em coming down on me unexpectedly.