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If it aint broke ...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. ..DONT touch it :roll:
    May have been a good thing if I'd taken my own advice.
    BUT .. me being me, thought I'd flush the cooling system, seeing as its the one thing I havent done, and wasnt sure if the previous owner had.
    All went well, used motul coolant etc..
    The next day I noticed the 'smell' of coolant when stopped at lights. Got to work and took a boo-beep. Damn coolant leaking from the themostat housing and/or hoses . :evil:
    This pissed me off cause I've always felt 'smug' about the hornet's condition >> never let me down, no oil or coolant leaks, no smoke, no oil usage ( apart from the norm ). And I am on my way to the WSB in the morning.
    Anyway, stripped her, removed the housing, new seals, clamps and sealer. NOW I'm happy :dance:
    Just seems odd that this problem occurred, seeing as I did not disturb anything in that region. Perhaps it was flushing that removed 'gunk' that was previously sealing components ? :?
    Has anyone come across this before?

  2. Everything I touch fcuks up, just thinking about it will make it break. Mechanics just smile when they see me coming, I'm pretty sure I keep them in business. I know this doesn't answer your question but it might make you feel a bit better about the experience. I encourage you to feel sorry for me or even pity me, everyone else does. :oops:
  3. Is there a temp gauge on it? Sometimes you can end up with airlocks if you don't follow manufacturer recommendations, this would cause the bike to get hotter, which in turn causes more pressure and leaks... On the Aprilia RS250 it's a right pain in the @$$ to get the airlocks out sometimes.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: Freddy..

    shmokica : Yep there is a gauge, never got anywhere near warm, let alone hot. No airlocks etc .. everything went well, til the leak :cry:
    Test rode it after the repair .. everything seems ok, just confused as to why it happened. :?
  5. Dont feel so bad, today I changed the gasket on my oil sump, now my bike leaks like an old british bike, it never leaked before!
  6. Did you just drain the old, or actually flush with clean, straight (ie not gay, kinky or contaminated) water? Flush means 1 or 2 fills (and then drains) with clean, fresh, demineralised water before you put the 50:50 mix in.

    The possibility is that the old conflicts with the new, unless you are absolutely certain that the rad was filled with the same coolant base as before.

    But I reckon that they were different mixes. It's potentially a no-no.


    Trevor G
  7. I think you were right first time, the flush moved the crud that sealed it.

    You might have disturbed it enough getting the hoses free, though.
  8. Trev: Yep flushed it completely, not sure if it was the same coolant.. dunno what was used prior. Yep I know the hazards of mixing :)

    Hawklord, I hope so ... leaving for the WSB in an hr.
  9. If it aint broke dont touch it is dumbest mechanical adage. Try not changing your oil till something breaks, or your coolant until the engine is thoroughly corroded. You may have been joking, but some take it seriously.
  10. Sometimes you may get an air lock, which you need to blead out. This is required on my bike to get the air out. Perhaps yours is the same?
  11. Obviously there are limits to that saying ... :roll:
    32 years in the industry tells me maintenance, and more maintenance increases the chances for minimal problems up the track :wink:
  12. Boy, we have a leaking gasket attributed to gunk, airlocks, higher temps and pressures and even mixing coolants.

    Firstly the radiator cap determines the max operating pressure, nothing else period. If the thing leaks then it is a leak, the pressure resulting from a higher operating temp in this example is irrelevant. The system is within the designed pressure limit defined by the thermostat (which presumably works).

    Similarly what on earth do airlocks have to do with the observation described?

    Coolant mixing, see point 2 above.

    The observation is unusual but the cleaning out "gunk" is the most likely and indicates the system probably should have been flushed earlier (before the gunk formed) and would be due to corrosion. If no corrosion evident then you were just plain out of luck with that gasket.
  13. Guess I was just unlucky :cry:
    No corrosion, O-Ring Gaskets in tact, never o/heated, never lost coolant prior to flushing the system. Guess it was a good thing I did, as it could have been a problem up the track, more likely when I least prefer.
  14. What I have seen (on car systems) is the replacement of a dodgy pressure cap (and so the return of full operating pressure to the cooling system) causing old hoses to burst as the pressure seeks out weak points.

    Not sure what happened to you though. I'd be watching my temp gauge carefully and checking for leaks at every fuel stop though.
  15. Preemptive Maintenance ftw eh... :grin: (not sure on spelling for that :?: )