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If I'm not mistaken... Happy Birthday...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by booga, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I am led to believe its Scumbag's turn to get older, Happy Birthday Sir! :grin:

  2. The venerable Mr Scumbag! Happy birthday mate. Hope you have a debauched day! :)
  3. Happy Birthday Scummy!!!!
  4. Happy birthday Scumbag. Have a gr8 one.
  5. happy birthday :cool:
  6. Happy birthday scummy
  7. Happy birthday hon :)
  8. Have a GREAT day Scumbag!
  9. Please accept my felicitations on this, the anniversary of your birth. Have a great day mate!! \:D/
  10. Avagoodun Scummy, you giggling maniac!
  11. yeah, me too, matey
  12. Happy Birthday Old man
  13. Happy birthday man, don't fall down too often :beer: .
  14. finally ............ Hope you had a great arvo/evening. BB xox
  15. hellllooooo...
    happy birthday Scumbag...
    May it have been filled with fine food and lots of Pepsi Max!!

  16. And a glass or two of Cointreau
  17. Doesn't he need Miss Boo for help on that one? :p
  18. happy birthday mate, i hope you're still celebrating :grin: :beer:
  19. :birthday: Scummy!! Sorry it's late but I been a tad preoccupied over the last week . :wink: Hope you had an awesome day.