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If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DuHAST, May 23, 2005.

  1. Why do some riders on this site keep bagging Harleys?

    I often see these posts and am bewildered as to why, I know I am riding the bike that I have always wanted, I couldn’t be happier in fact. So I don’t feel insecure about what I ride, nor do I need to rubbish other bike brands to make myself feel good.

    However I do feel the need for some of you Tupperware riders to be given a reality check.

    I wonder why so many Tupperware riders keep changing bikes & brands so often, how can they be satisfied? Is it that they just cannot find the right bike or that the novelty wears off and a zillion new Tupperware models have been released and you must take that massive financial bath and trade up. Im sure that’s not a good feeling.

    Harleys are celebrated on their own merits all over the world, in user groups, clubs, rides, and even literature. The bikes are an icon and an institution. A whole industry has grown up around Harley, including clothing, aftermarket parts, and customization. Even with so many Harley’s on the road it’s hard to find two that are alike as their owners do so much personal customization, with the off the shelf parts readily available. H.O.G. the Harley Owners Group has over 900,000 members around the globe.

    Sure the Tupperware bikes go fast, they stop fast, & they turn hard. But do you guys do more mileage on public roads or racetracks? I see plenty of you getting off your bike after a substantial ride and your bodies resemble old men crippled with arthritis from that most unnatural riding position.

    Here's the simple truth.

    Because of demand Harley-Davidson has been around for over 100 years and will be here for 100 more.

    They will still be making Harleys when those Japanese brands are gone and forgotten.
    It wont be long before you'll all be riding Chinese and Korean bikes in a few years anyway, and the Japanese will be history. Kawasaki hasn't made profit for years, and they and Suzuki are almost the same company now, so they aren't doing as well as you would like to believe. And in reality, any honest dealer will tell you they stay in business on dirt-bike & ATV sales, they haven't made enough on sports bikes to make a decent profit since the '70s.

    They aren't really motorcycle companies any more; they are really just car/four-wheeler/lawnmower/generator/piano companies that happen to make motorcycles on the side. Someday they'll get tired of selling sport bikes at a loss, and that will be it.
    These other motorcycle manufacturers have also tried to compete with Harley-Davidson in the heavyweight V-Twin cruiser segment; none have been able to match Harley-Davidson in terms of customer loyalty and sales.

    Some of you guys crap on about reliability when it comes to Harley-Davidson, well the facts are that the product has served in two world wars, and a number of lesser conflicts, as well as being in current service for over 2500 police departments in over 40 countries in the world. Harley-Davidson has stayed in production for a long time. Parts are easy to source & abundant. Problems that surfaced early on got solved by somebody, and become standard practice. Harleys are such easy bikes to own.

    My biggest problem with Jap bikes is that due to the large number of models, support for particular models with high mileage are not worth the cost of repair. A friend had a GPZ 750. It needed a valve job, rear shock, fork springs, it made more financial sense to buy another, newer used bike. Not so with Harleys, their resale values are unmatched by other manufacturers.

    All sorts of people buy Harley-Davidson, from suburban mums to outlaw filth, it’s a big cross section of society that rides Harleys, go ahead and rubbish Harley-Davidson, it is only you that will be perceived as ignorant, as I will still be enjoying my ride.

  2. Pretty sure that the 'filth'ride ST1300s nad beemers in Victoria.
  3. I agree the Harley stereotype is unfair. However it exists due to the cultural majority maintained by the groups that ride them.

    30 years ago, 'young' people were riding harleys - they were cool, todays equivalent of sports bike. Nowadays, many of those people, all grown up, are riding them again. Just like your dad's records, your dad's bike is also daggy... or so it would seem.

    Harley is an absolute standout anomoly in brand loyalty. It's almost like the passion for an AFL/NRL team. You don't care if they are losing, you still love em to bits.

    However, the stereotype still exists. Just as the 'Boy racer' stereotype exists for sports bike riders. It is a well know fact the HD are trying to break into a sportier market, to attract younger riders. Brands like Buell try to leave behind the Harley stigma that is such a blessing, but a curse in the younger sector.

    If you get too caught up in the battle, you are a victim of marketing - because at the end of the day, their all just bikes.
  4. Don't intend to ruin your rant "duhast" but even Harley owners bag Harley Sportie riders.... must be bad getting it from them and from us..:D :D :D

  5. DuHast.
    Don't take it so seriously.

    It's all fun.

    Every brand has shit heaped on it for fun all the time.

    I mean, there are only two types of bikes of course. :p

    The beemers on the road, and the rest in the garage. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Get the drift? :wink:

    Only fun. :wink:

    Have a look at the thread about who has owned what and look at the range of brands most have had. If any one brand was best, we would all have them.


  6. Because bagging Harleys takes the pressure off of the Across owners?
  7. Nah,

    I don't bag harleys because I'm out of touch with reality :eek:
    I don't bag harleys because I have in inferiority complex :eek:

    I bag harleys..........

    because they suck :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Seeing the words Harley and bag in the same sentence reminded me of a D1ck Johnson joke told to a post Sandown 500 marshals gathering in the presence of the Harley riding Clerk of Course (boss).

    "What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner?

    The position of the dirt bag

    The look on CoC's face and the fact DJ bolted made this one of my motorsport highlights of the past 20 years I've been actively involved in the sportor motor racing.

    Now I don't subscribe to the bagging of different types of bikes or cars as I'm capable of appreciating all forms of vehicle irrespective of make or model, I just wish some Harley's could be a little quieter as 130dB is a bit loud at 3am :shock: :wink:
  9. but mostly

    we bag them cos it's FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. because ummm.... they're crap :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    seriously dude, you're telling us in one sentance to tolerate and love your HD but in the next you tell us that our tupperware racers are crap compared to your timeless awesome piece of machinery :roll: we all hang shit on other brands, its just that HD owners tend to be the LEAST tolerant of the lot and so therefore turn out to be the collingwood of the bike world.

    i dont care who i ride with, hardley or boy racer and i nod to every biker on the road (still, even after 11 months on the pushy :LOL: ) but if mr HD decides to try and tell me that his machine is superior because his parts are easier to get (never mind that a genuine indicator bulb costs more than my bike) or his bike holds its value better (never mind that he paid 6 times as much to start with) or his bike is comfier (funny, i dont remember having a problem doing a 6 hour ride 3 days in a row) etc. i'll put him in her place :wink:

    horses for courses, i agree. but if you wanna spend $25k on a bike thats seen sweet FA devepment in 50 years and then go on about how much better it is than someone elses ride that outperforms yours in every way without breaking a sweat and cost $5k, then you've gotta be prepared for the inevetable laughter :LOL:
  11. I dont think it is just this site i think it is public perception in general, personally i dont know why but who cares.

    You dont buy a bike for what everyone else thinks you buy a bike because you want it and you love it (dont tell my gf :LOL: ) who really cares what the perception is about them, im sure its not gonna stop anyone buying one. if you buy a bike to make yourself look better i think the saying below says it all.

    Oh and its obvious that your ignorant of anything other than harleys, sounds like another debate like the v8 VS turbo one on cars, if your gonna be ignorant of other bikes merits than we too may be ignorant to the merits of your bike. The only reason harleys might be selling on strong in 100yrs is cos every outlaw in the world will own one, not something to really brag about i think.

    "He may have a nice bike but hes still a d!ckhead"
  12. Hey hang on Coconuts. :x

    After all we did win over those weagles on Sat!!!! :p :p :p

    And as you know, we are the best. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: (Just a small slump at the moment) :cry:

    "Good old Collingwood forever
    we know how to play the game
    side by side we stick together
    to uphold the Magpie name"

    Now that you have read that verse, would you mind singing out loud? :wink:

    Go Maggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh, by the way, I found my maggies scarf.

  13. you know, i really dont have a problem with HDs or their riders, but collingwood supporters.... yeeech!!! :Shock:

    to all the HD guys/girls on here, dont take what i said to heart, you're nowhere near as bad as eddiwood fans. humblest and most sincere apologies, that was wayyy harsh :LOL: :LOL:

    got the mitey tiggggers :twisted:

    Now thats funny
  15. I can't beleive that they are actually people that buy into any bike stereotype, its absolutely stupid.

    DuHAST, your bias is just as bad - who cares if a bike company makes a profit? Microsoft make squillions of dollars selling software - doesn't make their products less crap.

    It's the same as 'Bloody Volvo drivers'. The stereotype was fueled by the fact that a certain demographic bought them for safety features, and tsome of those people unfortunately had trouble with the whole driving concept.

    There's nothing wrong with Volvo's, Harley's or Sports Bikes - its a few TOOLS that operate them.

    If you victimize an inanimate object, you need to have your head checked.
  16. that is spot on, agree with you 100%
  17. fricking useless, slow, ugly brainwashed riders.... How come every other bike manufacturer has evolved thier bikes to handle better, move more efficently, go faster, improve suspension (the list goes on.....) but the hardly's have a bike launch for a new color scheme?? they are still using water pumps for engines and where owned by a bowling ball company :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Poor bastards are just ignorant.
  18. cant anyone answer this question?

    when you see another rider you nod to say g'day and they nod back....
    But the guys who ride harley's or any bike of that nature dont nod back at you

    and....why do they try to scare the shit out of you by riding as close to you as they can and make as much noise as they can when you are at the traffic lights.. or on the road in general....(well they do to little me on my 250 anyway...)

  19. 'Cos they are such big tuff men!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Harley davidson is around, because they sucked up BIG TIME to the pentagon, and spread rumours about some of the management of Indian being commies, HD was almost wiped out before WW2 , the above little action saved their ass, HD where drfinately never in the same class as Indian.

    I always think it's funny when they promote HD as the Fredom machine, the anti establishment bike, HD was bought and paid for by the pentagon.
    Then it was , bowling alley machine makers AMF

    If you look back to the fifties the rebel's in the US actually road Brit steeds

    Why even Fonzie road a trumpy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: