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If I could just ask one thing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by peter-reebok, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Use your mirrors!.

    Went for a blast thru the dandenongs this afternoon (horse race on - roads otherwise empty!).

    4 times I had to endure a strained wait behind riders who just did not see me, and strayed all over the road in their (learning) attempts at cornering.

    Normally a patient person when I see an L plate, but - 2-3 kms behind you is enough!.

    Hard to ignore my bike - 1800 with v loud exhaust. HID headlights on.

    Please use your mirrors!. I dont want to be the one that 'scares' you into making a mistake, let me through, and I will be out of your way. Move to the side, and I will be out of your hair.

    Pete - trying hard not to be selfish or arrogant here!.
  2. Geez a bit harsh mate. If they're new to riding they might not know the etiquitte yet.

    Learning's not exactly an overnight process.
  3. I'd agree except for the fact that watching the mirrors should be among the first thing learner riders should be taught, for obvious reasons....
  4. First ride threw the nasho and a super sport zoomed passed ,all legal move ,maybe a bit over the speed limit ,but it scared the crap out of me .
    Lesson learned and I still keep a good eye on the mirrors more then normal in the twistys.
  5. I have to agree. If you're going slow and still learning how to ride, move to the side and allow others to pass. This not only stops you from being "shocked" or frightened when someone passes you, it lets you learn your handling skills without the pressure of someone riding your arse.

    When I was first learning, I always looked in my mirrors and moved to the left to let faster riders through.
  6. What can't get passed an L-plater??

    hahaha, maybe you're the one that needs the practice..
  7. I was behind a guy on the spurs a few weeks ago. BMW R1200 GS. He was very much using his mirrors but chose not to let me pass for nearly 5 minutes. He deserved every bit of scorn I threw him as I undercut him into a bend. :cheeky:
  8. I was stuck behind Mr Awesome riding through the National Park last friday on his Gixxer thou. On the straights where he should have let me pass he powered away so that I had to sit behind him for each progressive set of bends. I understand though, Mr Awesome would not have been able to handle the shame of being overtaken, particularly once he realised he just got overtaken by a 250 hyo. A gixxer rider just could not have coped with such a battering to his ego.
  9. HAH!
    I ride a cruiser, so you get used to sports bikes passing you - trick is to make sure that you know what is coming up behind you!. Otherwise it gives anyone a moment.
    I let faster bikes pass, when I follow them I might learn something!
    But, sports bikes will not always let a cruiser past them - we are supposed to be slower somehow.
    Some days I cruise, other days, I venture on to the other side of sensible.

    One of the groups I passed today was three bikes. The learner at the rear. The front 2 riders knew I was there, you can tell by their body language - made it even more frustrating that the rear rider didnt pick up on their signals.
    You need to know what is happening all around you.
  10. I'm on my L's and just about 2 pick up my GPX 250 and don't u worry I'll let u pass just give me a wave so I feel like I'm part of the crew haha

  11. Yes, I think so. Trouble is...out in the twisities noobs can become overwhelmed with everything that's going on, and in some cases won't dare look in their mirrors for fear of crashing..(taking eyes of road)

  12. so a learner didn't pull over to let your highness through.

    why should he, its courtesy to let others who are faster through but he's not doing anything wrong by not. he's probably focusing on his ride not on yours.
    give the learner a break. we all had to learn.

    ps i do let bikes through but not because its their right but for courtesy
  13. And it saves you from being pressured and potentially making a mistake.
  14. No harm in a reminder to use your mirrors especially for Newbies. What is behind you can also bite. :)
  15. agree if people feel pressured but in the end you've got to be able to not feel pressure from other vehicles whether its bikes or cars or trucks etc as you are going to have pressure pretty much every time you get on the road.

    just think the OP shouldn't think of this as his right - maybe he should learn to overtake properly. learners don't tend to like people being beside them in their lane anyway, heck I don't unless I wave them through.
  16. Whew - all I did was ask for people to use their mirrors.
    Here I was thinking I was doing the right thing, and instead of blasting past and causing the learner to have a heart attack and have an off - instead I am treated like a pariah for making a POLITE request.

    If I cant see that the learner knows I am there, I will hang back a bit.

    So, if anyone has an off because I blast past em in the future - so be it!.
    No more mister nice guy?
    Last time I contribute to this part of netrider thats for sure.
  17. It's funny isn't it, if you'd made your post about those evil, kitten killing cage drivers not using their mirrors, not only would you have received 10 pages of posts of support, there'd be talk of kicking their mirrors off, how car drivers are shit and can't drive to save their lives, how just about anyone can get a car licence and how frikkin' awesome they are as a rider. But dare to criticise a rider and offer advice that actually might save them from a fright and you get a whole bunch of negatives.

    To reinforce the point that Peter makes, even as a learner, you occasionally need to use your rear view mirrors. I always tell any new riders that I am with that the danger comes from the front and to ignore* whatever is behind them, but that as soon as is practically possible and when safe to do so, use that mirror and, for their own sake as much as anyone's, move over and let the faster vehicles through. It's common courtesy and something they themselves will appreciate when out in the twisties on their underpowered 250's as their confidence improves. Treat other road users as you would yourself like to be treated.

    * If you are spending too much of your precious $1 on looking in the rear view mirror and fretting about what is behind you, your riding goes to pot. Ride safely, at a speed you are comfortable with, but accept that it might be slower than others are quite safely capable of going.
  18. Whole heartedly agree with the OP.

    Mirrors use is a valuable skill to learn and practice. I also got into the habit of waving my right boot to let the rider behind me know they could pass. Usually gets a wave of appreciation.
  19. +1, for Learners, either kick your foot out or flash the indicator one or twice to the left. In the cage, I always indicate left for two flashes where appropriate - lets them know I know they're there, too. (And once left and once right as the universal "thankyou" for truckies [useful on the bike after dark if a truckie looks out for you, too!])

    For riders, it's not hard to give plenty of room. Idiots that pass in corner or with 3/5ths bugger all room cause frights, and do nothing for our cause, be they bikes or cagers.
  20. I was testing out my new exhaust last night and went for a ride between Mona Vale and Church Point. Now I wasn't hanging under the limit (I wanted to hear how the Yoshimura sounded as well) and I came across a ground of "spirited" riders who must have just finished a blast down McCarrs Creek Road. I think I saw the first one (in the second group, the first group passed me whilst I was heading out towards Church Point) and moved over and he and a couple of others blasted past. I did this most of the way back to Bayview, checking my mirrors and moving over (although the road surface near the edge was a bit rough).

    If any of the group riding McCarrs Creek Rd and stopped at Pittwater High school last night about 9.00pm - I hope I didn't hold you up to much!