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if i could have a serious relationship with a bike....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by flexorcist, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. look out ladies, I'd give you up for this Matt Eagan painted bike I saw in Fairfield on Saturday.... wish I had a camera not a phone, and mroe time to take pics of all the details. i think the exhaust was stock. Aside from that....... even the side of the f'n chain was painted red. And the feller that owns it is a big boy too so I can't pinch it :grin: nah nice bike dude cheers for not bein a rude prick when I asked you bout it, some car blokes are.

  2. Yeah, real eye candy.

    It caught my eye when I was in the city last month. Saw him rolling by. Sounds just as nice at it looks. :cool:
  3. Wouldnt want to drop that beast! :mad:
  4. Where have I seen that pattern scheme before?...

    ... ahhh, That's right! - a bowling ball!
  5. lol hence why i should have got better pictures.... the demon on the rear, and snakes belly on the fuel tank are f'n cool are plenty far removed from a bowling ball. in real life it's an outstanding looking bike.
  6. yep

    seen him at acland st st kilda and chapel st too. buff guy with tatts rides it.
  7. Re: yep

    no i don't, i just took photos of it :rofl:
  8. and people wonder why they call it an Eye-Abusa that paint job just reinforced how fugly that bike is.

    Cheers :cool:
  9. Do I detect some jealousy there Dazza?
    Got to give credit to people who customise their bikes, they face the sour grape brigade who bags their bikes.
    What would life be without people stepping outside the norm? Imagine a car or bike show with no customs on display, even manufacturers display their own customs.
    Without customs there would be no airbrush masters, no inspiration for others, and no individualism.
    You must live in a very grey world Dazza not to appreciate a custom bike, regardless if you like a particular model of bike or not.
  10. i gotta say the front of them is pretty fugly. but then again i can't see the billions of $$ worth of design in the commodore.
  11. Hast, reading comprehension for the loss, you really need to pay attention :roll:

    I did not bag the paint job :wink: Its an ugly bike and the paint job makes the bike stand out thus reinforcing how fugly the bike is :LOL:

    There has been many a paint job that look awsome and its great to see people express themselves in such manners.

    I am just waiting for the pink fire flames and lavender pin stripes on your beast :shock: I reckon the chrome would set it off nicely :wink:

    Cheers :cool:

    P.S. One of my favourite Fox Shows is OCC. I love there custom jobs and paint work. I also enjoy the bike shows to see the custom jobs. Just hate that bike it was hit repeatedly with an ugly stick, does not matter how you dress it up is a pig and no paint job can gloss that sour up :LOL:
  12. Hmmm... Yeeh, they kind are eh! :grin: