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If I can loss both licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mr zeft, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guy,
    If I have my green p's in my car and my black's on my bike
    If I loose my car licence does my bike licence go aswell or not

  2. all the above!!
  3. Ok than just wanted to noe

    I can't loose my licence
  4. No but you can lose it
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  5. No I can't loose both or yes I can
  6. It's quite hard to loose a licence. I don't know how. I never lost mine before.
  7. or loosened? :p
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  8. Ok thanks I don't think I will go that fast on the bike 140 over
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  10. What is that supposed to mean???
  11. Don't know about you guys but every so often I need to pay to keep it..
    So I kinda lease rather than loss loose my license... :p
  12. lol loose lose

    It's a bit rough that when you have two license classes, the one with the more stringent restrictions can cause you to lose the other. That utterly sucks.

    I can kind of accept that loss scenario when both classes have the same privileges... but not before.
  13. It sure does Rob , I have a HC/Bike licence and as my Daughters now are starting to ask "why am I starting to driving like an 'old' man now ?"

    Well its like this, my job in Field service revolves around me having a valid licence. If I loose my licence for a bit of a 'play' like I used too I also loose my 100k plus job, so for me its just not worth it.

    And this from the guy who in 2004 had the NR record for licence suspensions,
    3 month suspension, gets Lic back at midnight on a thursday @ 4pm the next day lost it again ! ](*,)

    I have always commented that if you accumulate points on one class of Lic you should only loose the privilage for that portion of your Lic not the whole lot.

    Bring back the 'old' paper licensing system I say, back before the computer age we COULD have a licence's issued in different states and use them accordingly hehehehe
  14. Yeah...like as if that's likely to Happen:-s As with VTR Bob, if I lose my licence on either my bike /car or driving heavy vehicles as part of my job, I lose the lot.
    In NSW at least, your licence is one....as you get different vehicle endorsements, it's then noted on your main licence....you F*$k=up with any vehicle and it's yibbida yibbida...that's all folks...especially with DUI or over 40kph speeding.


  15. That depends on the license type though. If you were caught speeding for "just over" (4 points) on Red P's and had a full car license and had no other points or it didn't take your car license up to 13 then you'd only lose the P license.
    So, there is some consideration given to the fact that it is less points for loss of L's and P's.
    Non-points disqualifications are a different story as is full licenses in each class since you get more points to play with.
  16. Are you sure mate? Is that for NSW or nationally? I ask because Vic may go to a four year motorcycle GLS (12mth L's, 3 year P's) and that's a fracking long time to have reduced points and potential loss of license if you're already a fully licensed driver.