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If he were filtering, this wouldn't have happened.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Another bike damaged and damned near another rider hurt because of legislation based on emotion instead of logic.

  2. Where was this pic taken?
    what is the story behind this?
    The number plate does not look victorian or nsw or qldish
  3. Nah, it's in the US. Rider on another forum got smacked at a light because the Caddy was too close to him and got rear ended, pushing the car into his bike.

    I hijacked the pics and reposted them here to further my own agenda.
  4. Can't see the pic in the post?
  5. So, whilst the Australian authorities' antipathy towards filtering is based on emotion rather than logic and does mean that riders obeying the letter of the law are placed at greater risk, it doesn't really have much to do with the photos you posted, yes?
  6. Nice parking!
  7. I couldn't find pictures of a straw bike, I had to use what was available :-s
  8. You can use the picture though as an addition to any argument/debate for filtering
  9. Have actually seen one of these. Except car was on top of rear tyre (ie, like 2 foot in the air).
  10. Actually looking at that pic it looks like the bike was towing the car.
  11. "I tried to install a V8 in my GSXR…"
  12. Its not an accident, they are mating.
  13. I have had two accidents both costing > $1K to fix the bike from people hitting me from behind where I could have split but didn't.

    I have clipped a mirror probably half a dozen times when splitting but there was no damage to either vehicle (I always stopped).

    So which is the more dangerous???
  14. Super Cheap would probably sell some sort of stuff ya can get to stop this happening I'm sure I've seen it on tv ! :p

    I think we need to gather a collection of the pics to support the argument,with cunningly word-smithed case for the positive points for allowing use to move through heavy traffic to the wowsers.Or perhaps flood our local MP's with the document..hmmmm.
    If the powers that be cant see the point in our favor...then they can print it out ,fold it until its all sharp little corners and insert.
  15. What about a 4m lance to attach pointing out the back that is designed to penetrate metal and glass? I would check if Supercr*p had one but I am still boycotting them.
  16. Yes but that's not the point. You are not obeying the will of your lordly masters.[-X
  17. Agreed. But you can't claim this individual case was a result of Australia's ridiculous attitude to the subject. Indeed, as Grue hasn't told us which US state it's in, and as (IIRC) US filtering laws vary by state (as ours do), we don't even know for certain that it happened under a filtering ban. [/pedantry]

    Sorry, but presenting government officials with evidence that is not directly relevant to the situation at hand in their jurisdiction will not advance your case. I know this, having been once presented with a photo of a car that had hit an elk (I think) in rural Canada, as an argument in favour of dozer blade type bull bars on utes in suburban Perth.
  18. ROFL!
    That would explain Can-Am Spyders....
  19. If it was here it would have been pushed as "hoon motorbike rider crashes after lane filtering in reverse. police coming down even harder on hoon riders."