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If everybody rode motorbikes would there be any profit in poker machines?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nobby, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Something I have noticed on my rides around the place, I often see bikes out the front of Pubs that offer good music, or around the gastro pubs for great food, but rarely see them parked out the front of these bloody great Poker Palaces that are on very fcuking corner, is it possible we have found the cure for gambling.... :greyalien: as I said .. just a random thought..

    Back to normal transmisson.

  2. I like your thought. Who would settle for crumbs when they can have the whole cake.
  3. Unfortunately poker machines are for losers out of love... and there will always be plenty of those.
  4. I've seen bikes parked out side of them, but not often.

    Guess it's hard to own a bike when your dole check goes straight into the pokies.

    Note: Not against people on the dole, for whatever reason. Just a go at people who play those annoying machines.
  5. Small problem. Legislation banning all pokies is slightly more highly likely than legislation saying everyone must ride. Which means all these idiots will end up at the good pubs.

    Pokies are great, they keep people who I have no interest in interacting with away from me.
  6. No story ever began with "I met this hot chick at the pokies and well one thing lead to another..."
  7. I lived in a suburb about 15 years ago where the local pub got some machines in and put up a large sign saying "Pokies here now". It amused me when a brothel opened up diagonally opposite, as I thought they could borrow the sign.