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If at first you don't succeed...try, try again!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marie, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Did you fail your P's? And if so...how many times?

    Yes...it's just over a week till I go for mine and am slightly FREAKING OUT!!!:eek:hno:
  2. car i failed first go, got it second go
    bike i passed first go
  3. Excellent...that's what I need to hear.

    I failed my car the first time too. Over a minor issue BTW! So I didn't move over for the ambulance...but I was wearing a nice low cut top! :)
  4. there will be no freaking out, that is an order!!!!!!!!!!

    you will be calm, you will remember everything you've practised and everything your instructor has told you

    you will approach each task as its own separate section, and concentrate only on it, not on what has just happened, nor on what you are expecting to happen

    you will pass

    that is an order!
  5. Yes dad!

    *kicks an invisible stone*
  6. It is easy.just remember head checks.
  7. Passed the lot first go. Yep mirror head checks, and relax. Rest will follow naturally if you have been practicing ;).
  8. I passed first go with no problems. If you've done enough practice then you'll be just fine. The course part is pretty good and it will teach you a few new things and reinforce some others. If you are finding something hard then ask the instructor for help with it. If there are idjits on the course with you try to stay away from them for safety as well as disassociating yourself from them in the instructor's mind.

    For the 3 minutes that really count at the end of the day...

    Head checks!

    Concentrate on the instructors words and if you are at all unsure ask for clarification.

    Head checks!

    Have a plan in mind for the element (or elements) of the test you are about to execute. (eg for swerve - Get to speed quickly, look forward not down, hard coutersteer left/right (depending on instructors direction), strighten up and pass throug th eexit gate slowing down)

    Head checks!

    Take a deep breath before each element of the test.

    Head checks!

    If you make a mistake just keep going.

    Head checks!

    Remember - It's a full day on the bike! Lots of fun! And you'll learn some good stuff too.

    Fun Ha!
  9. what does your sig mean ohmigosh?
  10. Be the sponge?

    It means absorb all you can and learn from it.

    Fun ha!
  11. nah the quoth the raven bit
  12. Oh - Right. Nothing Edgar Allen Poe about it unfortunately.

    Fellow NetRider Raven knows his shiat when it comes to rding and if you follow the link that the quote leads you to then you'l see the context. It relates to improving your abilities and knowing how far to push things. Rang a bell with me so I quoted him! :D

    Fun Ha!
  13. Not quite the same thing, but I failed my UK Part 2 test (the onroad pursuit thingy) first time around. My excuse is that I'd torpedoed a bus the day before and was suffering from the after-effects of concussion, two cracked ribs and every muscle in my upper body locked solid (which made headchecks interesting). I don't think the examiner was terribly impressed with the gaffer tape repairs to the lights of The Mighty Step-Thru or the large, bus-coloured scar in the top of my helmet either :D.

    Under the circumstances, failing to spot a KEEP CLEAR on the road and then clipping the opposite kerb on the U-turn were minor enough. I'd have got away with one, but not both.

    Anyhoo, it was annoying but not the end of the world. I posted my reapplication on my way home from the test centre and passed a couple of months later.
  14. Failed car p's first time at padstow. Went to bega and did them there.

    Got bike first time.

    Word of advice for you marie. When I did my test, I was very sure of myself, had been practising for a while and absolutely hammered the practise session. But when it was my turn to jump on the bike I got a huge case of nerves which is quite unusual for me because I just don't do nervous, it doesn't happen. It was the works, death grip looked arms, locked body etc. In hindsight I should have asked the examiner if I could just ride around for 30 seconds to loosen up a bit. They may have said yes or no, but I still should have asked as it would have benefited me incredibly.
  15. ??? fail ??.... wtf??
    failure is not an option., failure is for LOSERS.!!
    get pumped before you go, slam down a few red bulls, have a mate slap you around the chops a bit, warrior face ARRGHHH AAAARRGGGGH !!
    yeaah now you're getting it, bick dick baby, oh yeaah, big dick swinging below your kneees!!
  16. Thanks all for the advice! I will definitely adhere to all of it!

    At the end of the day, all I can do is do my best and then some. I suppose worst come to worse, I'll just have to rebook & do just the MOST part again.

    lol Monkey Man...Who's big dick should I borrow? Do big boobs count?
  17. It's funny isn't it - the three minutes that counts. When I did my Ps, a couple of guys who had been riding just as well as everyone else all day had a spot of bad luck during those three minutes and failed. Then went again and passed. No biggie.

    I heard a story about a guy fronting up for a learners course who fell off his bike cos it didn't seem to occur to him to put his feet down when stationary :LOL:
    instructors had to say to him, "Um..... Just go home".
  18. Yr kidding??? Far out!!!

    I'm nervous because I know I'll probably be the only chic there! I get easily intimidated when surrounded by males.
  19. I have psychic powers...and they're telling me that you'll nail it. ;)

    Besides even IF you do fail...you still have time before your L's expire, so just redo.
  20. You'll be fine. I passed first go with no points lost also.

    A couple of bits of advice.

    Head Checks.

    Listen to the instructor. They will tell you how to pass by giving you tips on the course and your skills. Ask questions during the hours practice if you are having any problems.

    Don't rush. Think about each part before you do it. Visualize each section and then do it one stage at a time - only concentrating on each stage.

    Try not to be nervous. If you have done some practice, either at home or at homebush you will already have the skills to pass. You only need 1 point at the end to pass, so if you do stuff up one section, it is not necessarily a fail.

    Try to enjoy it. If you don't pass it is not the end of the world.

    The instructors are pretty good. They want you to pass.

    Don't worry if you are the only chic there. That is something in your head. Most of use blokes are happy to see more 'chics' riding a bike.

    Head Checks.