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If anyone owns the very kitted out Harley parked out front of ACMI in Melbourne…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. …I just told off a bunch of tourists for posing on it :dance: :biker:

  2. Did they take it well?

    This sort of behaviour irks me. I'm sure they wouldn't be fond of someone playing around inside their car whilst it was unnattended. :-/
  3. They seemed pretty embarrassed when I explained that bikes are purchased for the owners to enjoy, not for people to mess with and potentially damage. I asked if they were planning on leaving their details if they knocked over the bike, and they kinda hung their heads and apologized. I told 'em not to take it personally, you just don't mess with someone's bike.
  4. Wow, that's new.

    Normally it's just the police that climb all over, mess with and damage Harley's that aren't theirs.
  5. (y)=D>:dance:\\:D/
    Oh man, there is no emoticon for the congratulations that owner owes you!
  6. you just dont mess with another man's machine
  7. Nice work. Give 'em hell.

    Years ago I went into the bank and came out to find some guys I knew sitting on my bike trying to 'start it' with the kick start. I pointed out that they might have some trouble as it didn't have a kick start, but if they kept jumping on my brake lever I would cause them some discomfort.

    What's worse is that they didn't actually know it was my bike, could've been anybodies.

  8. Good work for telling them off, some people just don't think things through. Oh, that and they've got absolute zero respect.

    If I found somone doing that to my bike I'd be pretty short with them. I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of an irritated me, thats for sure.

    - boingk
  9. sure as shit pissed me off when some drunk sluts knocked my bike over, tried to run away, a friend saw them do it, they denied it and told us they didn't have ID's or phones on them (yeah im sure girls go clubbing without ID and Phones) called the cops, their ID's and Phones came out. charged the chick $1187 for it, hope the photo's were worth it, i somehow doubt it.
  10. lol were they japanese? probably arent too many Harley in Japan. good job, glad u kept your cool cos i sure as shit wouldnt have.

    this is why i carry big cable ties with me, so i can strap people who **** with my bike to the nearest street sign till the cops come. How'd you make em sstay till the cops arrived?
  11. Affirmative ;) Yeah, I'm not really much of a yeller unless I need to be, I figured that being firm but polite was the best course of action.
  12. I raged on your behalf reading this. ](*,)
  13. the other day i was doing a first aid course in Ballarat and i parked my bike on the edge of a carpark a business claimed as their private one without letting anyone know, i parked somewhere a car couldnt possibly fit, the owner of the buisness decided to get him and his friend to move my bike by lifting it and boxing it in with 2 cars against a skip until 6pm seemed fair, the police said they were too busy to do anything so as a repayment for the scratches he put in my bike i left him a thank you note. i wrote the note on his car bonnet with my bike key.
  14. So he told you he wasn't moving his cars and it was his spot after moving your bike and boxing you in?
    If so he would have been informed by me i was intending to move his cars even if it required popping the window to remove the handbrake, i reckon he would have moved quick then, i think he will think twice now but about moving a bike though
  15. yeah i finished my thing about 1pm and left a note on his window first asking him to call me. he said it was private parking and he would be parked there till 6pm. i said to him ok well im getting it out and if your car gets damaged in the process its not my fault. it was a big effort for 3 people to lift a bike over his bonnet. which as well as my note left in it has some pretty deep footprints in it too.
  16. Should really point out though, that if they had your rego number, your option carried out, or my suggested way out could see you asking legal advice elsewhere on the site.
    not sure where you legally stand as far as recovering your bike from such a predicament, i know they acted illegally, but am not sure of the rights to geting out if it causes there property damage, but when boxed in and angry i guess most of us don't think of the after
  17. he had my phone number and called me that night, he threatened to go to the police but when i politely reminded him of the damage he do to the bike (looks like he dropped it, scratches on the fairing and some on the can) he decided that he wouldnt pursue it any further. i figure he knows that he brought it upon himself.
  18. too many people around for them to just leave i think, that and i wouldn't have followed them where ever they went anyway.
  19. I just wish i could get an alarm that plays a pre-recorded yell of "**** OFF CAGER SCUM"
  20. It's probably the same feeling in as walkin in on another man/woman with your partner. You would knock that male/female explicit the f- out!

    Good work, grue! They should look but never touch. If they want to sit on one, get their own damn bike!