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If anyone is interested...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Noodie Pooh, May 19, 2007.

  1. The Pooh had a name-change from 2921 to NOODIE POOH!

    Pooh out! :grin:

    P.S. Thanks Vic!!!
  2. Jens............thats soooooo cute :grin:
  3. Congratulations, Jens...

    That's quite a leap from a number to a Noodie Pooh :grin: I actually thought it said Noodle Pooh for a second :p
  4. Hello Heidi, I know you didn't believe me at the time, when I TOLD YOU that I was cute! :grin:

    Hope you're well.

    Pooh out! :)
  5. err,... that would be a sick pooh! :LOL:

    Thanks, Maybe I had to earn my stripes first?!? :wink:
  6. Hey speed, the Pooh needs a hug! :grin:
  7. My hugs aren't good enough for you huh? Only good enough for sex emails huh? HUH? :p :LOL:
  8. :rofl:

    Here's one to share around smiley_huggroup.

    And Jens, I read it as Noodle Pooh as well :oops:

    Hugs to ya mate :)
  9. Hi Cruisingal!

    Hope you guys are all well in Gippi! Looking forward to catching up again.

    Pooh hugs!
  10. Jens, you are an IDIOT.

    and thats why we likes ya. :grin:
  11. Yeah I suppose can't stray too far from the flock now, can I!?!?! :LOL:

    Hope you're well dude!
  12. Nope! :LOL:

    Ahh Netrider,connecting riders that all have the same maturity level :wink: :LOL:
  13. good to see you back cruise angle!

    noodle pooh is much better!
  14. ...its only the depth that varies???
  15. Yep, I know! Between neck and hairline! :LOL:
  16. Ahhhhhhn now i understand why you changed name Jens.

    in the words of the great pooh himself.

    "I'm a bear of very little brain and long words bother me"

    if you can find it get the philosophy book 'The Tao of Pooh' it contains gems like:

    "While Eeyore frets...
    and Tigger bounces...
    and Owl pontificates
    .... Pooh just is."
  17. Thanks dude, read it the other week. Right after the zen ride to Daylesford.

    Suppose that's where I got inspired to do something about the numbering system I had as a username :grin:

    The book is a nice read by the way!
  18. Want to lend it to me :grin: i love odd ball books on philosophy, quantum physics, etc.
  19. Thanks Jax, attention span still not so good, but am up for some short posts :oops: :)

    On topic: Yeah Jens, Noodie Pooh is so cute :cool: