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NSW If anyone can help, it'd be appreciatied!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by squidman, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. hey guys

    i got my license recently and sold my cbr250rr because i didnt have enough money to finish it off, i had some cash stashed away but not enough for what it needed to pass rego, so i sold it because i want to get a Hyosung gt250r (650r to expensive) and im like 1.5-2grand short from picking up a decent hyosng with rego, atm im stashing every bit of money i get away for the bike but im desperate for work.
    ive got my RSA and RCG and been applying at nearly every RSL and pub and they arnt hiring (got a gut feeeling they dont like my hair) i wanted to know if any of you guys know anyone thats looking for workers, it could be labour work or working in a kebab shop so i can get my bike and start riding

    sorrry for rambling
  2. what about a temp agent?
  3. where do you live?
  4. temp agent? is that like an agency that helps you find work? im with the salvation army one in mount druitt and they arnt any help

    mount druitt, i dont mind driving far iv got my own transport
  5. recruitment agency, they will give you work at different business's, u might get a week at 1 place, a months work at another and so on, could be factories, councils anything
  6. yeah the one im with now told me i have to wait like 13 weeks or something before they actually TRY and find work for me, until then im welcome to use their computers/printers and get "advice" from them so they can guide me in the right direction...lol
  7. is there a wise employment near you? there's a local one I go to in dandenong, they're really good.
  8. Sounds more like a centrelink job agency than a temp employment mob like skilled...
  9. You're not wrong, but they've been a hell of a lot more help to me than Salvation army and Alpha employment ever were.
  10. Get a haircut?
  11. yeah temp agencie im with people co in ferntreegully get work 95% of the time
  12. never, m.simoncelli look ftw!

    not sure, i will look into it and see if there is
  13. Dont know about any jobs around but a little advice.

    If you really want to work in a RSL, offer to do some voluntary (even if your experianced). They will get to know you and if you seem capable, there is a chance they will call you to fill in when people call in sick or they just cant get a hold of anyone. Thats how I got some work at my local. (but then again your locals may not be so easy to get on with or they could just abuse you)

    Otherwise just get yourself out there, walk into any shops neatly presented with a energetic attitude and resume in hand. Maybe just to brush or wet your hair down while visiting these different places.
  14. This may come as news to some but I suspect most already know..
    Those agencies that Centrelink send you too ... their not there to find you work... well not unless your long term unemployed or a "new" citizen .. Those agencies (including the Salvo's Employment Plus) get paid for each person they find work for and the longer you are out of work or the more recent your arrival .. then the more you are worth .. they get next to nothing for finding a job for a person who has only been out of work for a short time, and staff are instructed "don't waste too much time, just register their details"

    Please don't misunderstand me, this is not a racist dig .. just telling it the way it is.
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  15. This is extremely valuable information but how do you know that?
  16. try for some nightfill positions at your local coles/woolies - as that work is done later at night when the store is usually closed I do not think they will be overly concerned with your hair as your position is not a "customer service " role
  17. I have a mate who's a gumblement whore.
  18. Most coles stores will care about your hair. not sure on the woolies side tho
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