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If a bike goes for a slide, will the frame be bent?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by backmarker, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Apologies in advance if this isn't the best area for this!

    I have taken a gamble, and bought a repairable write-off. :eek: It is a Suzuki gsx750f, 1998 model. It has taken a right-side slide, and from the look of the damage, a fairly minor one.

    Total damage is slightly scraped fairing, broken front indicator, broken front brake lever, cracked peg hanger, scratched exhaust. I have the right fairing off and there is no visible impact damage to the frame.

    I have been told recently that I should strip the bike down and check the frame, as it will probably be bent. This is from someone who has not seen the bike, but believes that bike frames bend easily.

    I would also like to get the bike on the road and start enjoying it, plus I don’t want to waste time and money. However, if the frame is likely to be bent I’m not going to rush this – I want to do it right. And given that the internet holds all knowledge… I’m seeking educated opinions.

    So, should I be concerned? Should I bother with stripping it down to the frame? Or is it an overreaction?

    I would very much appreciate if you can note the weight behind your answer. That is, please say if you are a mechanic, or if you are an uneducated newby!

  2. If you carefully measure a lot of brand new bikes, you will find them to be "bent". And yes, frames can get tweaked from relatively harmless lowsides. All easily fixed by a pro, albeit for a few $$.

    But, as a daily rider, if it rides well, and passes both visually and with a string line, I really wouldn't be concerned. You won't know any different.

    [I'm the one who bends them, not the one that fixes them]
  3. If, and I say IF it is a minor lowside (pure cosmetic stuff) as you describe, then the chance of frame damage is negligable. Anything that was a big enought hit to bend the frame would be pretty obvious.

    I just recently restored a repairable write off. I know the rear subramfe is slightly bent but you can not tell looking at the bike and it rides like a dream.

    I am a mechanical engineer BTW..

  4. A minor drop could bend a frame, but an old tech steel trellis, as fitted to the GSX range IIRC, is pretty resilient.

    I agree with devo. String line it to make sure the wheels line up and take it for a bit of a spin to see if it runs straight hands off. If it passes those two tests, it's good enough for 99.9% of road riding.
  5. Thanks for the responses. You've pretty much told me what I thought (which is nice of you!). I'm not the fastest rider out there, and the gsxf isn't the gsxr anyway, so for the type of riding I'll do I can'r forsee problems. When it's on the road I'll check out the way it runs properly. If I have concerns then I'll look at stripping it down.

    Thanks again! :grin:
  6. While you have it apart, get it checked.