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Iemma and Costa - gooooone!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Big news!!



    MORRIS Iemma has resigned as NSW Premier at a party meeting today.

    He was forced to stand down following a challenge by NSW Emergency Services Minister Nathan Rees, who has been in parliament for only 18 months.

    Mr Iemma refused to answer questions after leaving the meeting.

    Mr Iemma - after meeting with members of his Centre Unity faction - is understood to have left to go to his office to tell his wife Santina that his premiership is over.

    After a devastating 12 months Mr Iemma has been rolled by MPs angry at his handling of the power privatisation and loyalty to Treasurer Michael Costa.

    Costa sacked

    Mr Costa confirmed today he had been sacked and had talks over his future with Mr Iemma last night.

    "I was advised by the premier that he desired that I not be part of his ticket and in the forthcoming reshuffle," he said.

    "I respect his right to do that."

    Mr Costa said the state's stamp duty revenue was $180 million down in the first two months of the financial year and that the health Budget had blown out by $300 million.

    He called for the $12 billion northwest rail link project to be pushed back by a couple of years and said health sector capital works would need to be reviewed.

    Mr Costa said he did not want to put the state's AAA credit rating at risk and was prepared to deliver a mini-Budget in November if his sacking was delayed.

    Senior sources revealed yesterday Nathan Rees and Carmel Tebbutt would lead Labor to the 2011 election.
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  4. Is there a credible opposition in NSW, though? Although I'm a Labor supporter I think Labor has had too long in power and become arrogant and out of touch in Queensland... but the opposition make the Three Stooges and the Keystone Kops look like models of organisation, efficiency and good judgement! Do you guys have a credible opposition in NSW?
  5. when was the last time you can remember having ANY politicians that werent rubbish though?

    certainly dont remember any in my limited life span. always going to be the lesser or two evils...
  6. I don't think there's a credible opposition in any state at present. :roll:
  7. So another labour government changes hands without the electorate having their say. True, I know we elect our local reps and then they appoint a leader, but the reality is that most voters are voting for the leader and party and probably don't even know the name of their local rep.

    I know Iemma won power in his own right, but he was placed there by Carr. Bligh was put in power by Beattie. You had Bracks handing over to Brumby. Carpenter took over from Gallup (after illness). The NT leader handed over to her successor (and he only won the last election by a whisker). Tasmania handed over from Bacon to Lennon (illness again) and he had to resign from office and pass to Bartlett.

    That leaves (IIRC) Michael Rann as the sole state premier who was elected to that role.

    And the ALP had the audacity to attack Costello and Howard for having an agreement to hand over power.
  8. Why do you say that?

    In Victoria we have a headstrong bafoon as our premier. Ted B doesn't seem to be doing a bad job (oppositions can only oppose).

    The libs in NSW have hastened Iemma's demise. They have asked him to go as they are concerned about his capacity to lead them to success.

    In W.A the libs could well win quite a few seats back. This from a party that has changed leader recently.

    In N.T they came to within 1 seat of taking power back.

    In Tasmania there is concern about how things have been run.

    S.A isn't known to me and Bligh is quite new to the job.
  9. Baillieu is yet to come up with anything credible. A little while abck you had people employed by the Liberal party running their own anti-Bailleau blogs. There's so much dissension in the Victorian Libs they make Howard and Costello look like best mates.

    From The Age a while back.

    "But the Libs are too busy eating their own to be able to drive home the point that the Brumby cabinet is not as competent as it would have you believe."

    You mean Labor in NSW has hastened Iemma's demise don't you? The polls in NSW earlier this year found that only 17% of people knew the name of the opposition leader (it's Barry O'Farrell for the other 83%).

    This is a party that had to be really pressured to get rid of a leader who went around sniffing seats and really couldn't understand why that was a bad thing...

    They were the best placed opposition and had more credibility than any of the others - and they couldn't do it.

    ? That's always the case everywhere.

    S.A. opposition were that desperate there was talk of Alexander Downer entering state politics FFS.

    QLd had to merge the Libs and the Nationals to get any credibility - a sure fire recipe for more dissension down the track...

    The point is not whether the opposition could win or lose but that there is no real leadership or policy to give them credibility. They are just hanging in there hoping that if they wait long enough they might win by default.

    The problem with the parties (at the moment it's the conservartive side of politics) is that the new blood and fresh ideas are almost always in the marginal seats - when they lose then they have only the stale party hacks in safe seats.
  10. Barry O'Farrell is an ex-cop and a dencet sort of bloke, but the Liberal leaders in this state over the last few years have given NSW Labor a dream run. Morris Dilema would have been punted at the last election, but won because of a poverty-sricken option.

    Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voters
    Their empty eyes stare at strange beauty shows
    And a parade of grey-suited grafters
    The choice of cancer or polio

    Mick Jagger/Keith Richards
  11. Oppositions are not elected in. Governments are elected out.

    You dismiss the NT result. Yet the week before, election analysts were predicting a labour win and saying that any gain would be a miracle. Funny, the ABC didn't eat much humble pie the following week. FWIW, the swing against the labour party was huge and there was no real cause to be upset with them.

    W.A. Even with a bum sniffing ex leader and disunity, the WA ALP are predicting and preparing for losses.

    In Victoria, Brumby should really fear the country. You only have to drive as far as Yarra Glenn to see the 'Plug the Pipe' banners, road painting and signs. Drive to PI and you see the Desal protests as well. Sure, the metro areas are largely unaffected by these concerns, but the rural vote got Bracks into power. They were the same core electorate that Kennett ignored.

    NSW. Who really cares if they know the name of Farrell. They knew Iemma, Costa and the others, yet their approval rating is appalling.

    I have heard it said that one of the reasons for the labour party success in the states was its lack of success at the federal level. All the best people stayed local (strategists, planners etc..). Likewise with the libs, their best people went federal. Now the tables are reversed. If you add this to the general feeling that the electorate do not like wall to wall anything, I foresee change.
  12. Old lefty though I am, I'm finding the slow motion train crash that is the NSW ALP government thoroughly entertaining. Or would be if there was a credible alternative waiting to take over. But there's not, so you guys in NSW appear to be f*^$ed :( .
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  15. Micky, that is soppy
  16. This thread is about Iemma and Costa. Both were very unpopular. So was Reba, our health minister. Many ministers were pathetic. A strong leader could have stood up to their "factions". There is more to mention but you can all read the news.

    Barry O'Farrell should have lead the last election. Even if he did not win, he would have build on that for next election. I think he'll win the next election. I'm normally a Labor voter but I do not like NSW Labor at the moment. Also, I live in the strongest Liberal seat in Australia, so my vote means nothing. (excluding Senate)

    Also today at 702AM @4:45am approx., Barry O'Farrell mentioned something about political donations, especially by Developers. Well, all political parties are addicted to corporate donations, not just Labor. I guess he was referring to Wollongong Council back in April this next year.

    I hope that Rees and Terbutt do better. I do not admire their position and they have a steep learning curve.
  17. I think I'm the only person in the world who thought that Peter Debnam was a good leader. He struck me as the kind of bloke who has the personality of a wet sausage, but would actually be able to knuckle down when the times are tough.

    This is nitpicking, but isn't Brighton in Melbourne the safest seat in Australia? I know Mitcham can't be 2nd by very far.
  18. The safest Liberal Seat in Australia is Bradfield (Federal) and I think it is Davidson for (NSW). North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney are Liberal Strongholds. I also lived in very strong Labor Seat like Cummingham (Federal). Once it fell to the Greens via a by-elelction. Labor regain it at the next election.

    Back on this topic. Reba Meagher has quit the front bench. As stubburn as she is, she could see that she is very unpopular. I think she takes the cake as being the most useless minister. I know others would vote for Costa but I vote for Reba.

    I feel sorry for the nurses, teachers, ambos, police, etc. Those front line workers employed by our state government. They will feel the pinch when our new Pemier will make "tough" decisions. How about cutting back on those spin doctors and other media advisors. Bob Carr used the media to his advantage. Now no-one will be conned by spin, etc. There must be other sections that can feel the pinch before essential services get the hit.

    I hated how Iemma cut back on Domestic violence services. Women suffering abusive relationships are now even more unsupported by our Government. DOCS is also a basket case. I know from ringing them and complaining about child abusers for the past 3 years. I should have bashed up these scum-bag women/children bashers myself. Maybe I would have got away with it as well because there's probably not enough police to charge me.

    As for capital works????? I am not sure if they ever were in the pipeline? The Spit Bridge and Frenchs Forest Hospital is an endless loop of talkfest.
  19. Iemma was a crook. I didn't even vote for him. Good riddance.