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IE6 - Why do I have to hit Back twice??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. All of a sudden I have to hit the Back button on IE6 to go back to the previous pages.

    I cant update to Firefox or a later version of IE as it's a work laptop.

    It only does it when surfing NR, all other forum sites seem to work fine!!

    Is it just me or are others having the same problem...
  2. I am getting the same thing with IE7. :cry:
  3. But Firefox is fine. :shock:
  4. Its part of microsoft's plan to take over the world.

    In all of their software they try to depress people to the point that they kill themselves, so that there is less resistance come the day microsoft tries to take over.

    It has proven very successful so far.
  5. I'm having the same problem and it is something to do with the Google ads. Don't know how to fix it though?
  6. Yep, been having the same problem here the last few days - IE7
  7. ditto. if you click the dropdown which lists your back sites, the google ads is now a seperate site. freaking annoying. you'll notice you only have to click twice to go back from the first page to the forum listing. uber annoying. i occasionally get angry with it, so i press backspace about 50 times, taking me back to google.com (my homepage). ultra incredibly annoying. could it please be fixed? pleeeease?
  8. dont worry guys its the automatic update microsoft just released.

    You will always have to press back twice. And type in your url twice.
  9. Very easy to do from your end but that involves wiping them (the ads) from your computer, well, at least access to them. Something to do with the google ads (single) host and the hosts file. Not sure if this is grounds to get this post removed tho, my last one (and very detailed one) was a while ago. But I think for people who loathe the google ads and will never click one, they should be allowed to edit their computer so they don't see them, and also the knowledge, "hint" on how to do it.
  10. im sure some PHP editing could fix the prob!!!!!

    Ill have a look around (with my limited knowledge) to see what the GO is.
  11. if you use the keyboard shortcut ( alt & left arrow ) do you need to do it twice or once ?
  12. Twice :(
  13. Well at least I'm not going crazy.

    S'pose we'll have to wait for Mouth to spot this to see if there's a solution to the problem (or if he caused it :wink: ) :p
  14. My computer at home is a double hit, but this laptop at work is a single shot...............go figure.

    Are we talking about a new google virus????

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the page (when the double hit is a problem) ya see a google "search" type section.

    Definately a google conspiracy!!!
  15. Same here. IE7 and WinXP SP2.

    It seems that the forum page URL turns into "HTTP 400 Bad Request" when you hit back, even though you stay on the page. It could be a bad Microsoft patch Tuesday update, or a change on the Netrider site.

    Jason will notice and work out a fix. :cool:

    Hey Synrgy, squash that bug will you :!: Crawling all over my screen. :twisted:
  16. Nothing has been updated. It's a microsloth stuff up
  17. Only problem is it's only doing it on Netrider, I can surf everywhere else and it works fine.
  18. Bump.

    So has anyone got a reason for it only happening on Netrider.

    Mouth are you there, hello, anyone home :wink:
  19. Any idea how we fix it then?

    Any idea why only Netrider is having the issue?
  20. If I set my security level on high in the tools/ internet options, I don't get the double click issue, but have issues with other websites.
    I suspect there is some sort of third party rerouting/monitoring going on when you browse Netrider, maybe a tiny server issue? I dunno, I am not geeky enough.

    Regards, Andrew.