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IE v7, should I upgrade?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Caz V1, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. My PC has been prompting me to install the IE7 upgrade, normally I would just press yes and go with the flow, but for some reason I can vaguely remember someone on here saying that V7 is flawed and is likely to cause grief in the future.
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me, should I install the new version or should I stay with V6?

  2. Before the Firefox crew pile in to NOT answer the question, my experience with IE7 was brief and unpleasant. I found it mucked up my screen fonts (standard setting here) although I have not seen the same problem on other PCs with it.

    As well, compared to an after-market add-on for IE6 to give tabbed browsing, I found the Microsoft implementation of tabs confusing and kludgy.

    I uninstalled it and have instructed my automatic update module NOT to prompt me again about installing it.
  3. I'd say no, i find IE7 slower to fire up, and new tabs take ages to load, as hornet 600 says. I've also had alot of trouble teaching end users how to use it (buttons have been moved about - say it ain't so!)

    firefox ftw :p
  4. I can't see any reason to upgrade from 6 to 7, in fact I make it a point to keep all our desktops at 6.

    As Paul correctly answered Firfox would be the best upgrade :p :grin:

  5. Easy install, better security...

    Nothing wrong with ie7 from my pov...might as well have the latest and greatest.

    Opera is an alternative I find better than firefox...if you are one of these Microsoft haters...
  6. Except for using old protocols and having massive gaps in security :grin:

    Firefox/opera are much better alternatives.
  7. Caz, up until recently i was using IE..

    I Was having some stabilty and security problems until an IT friend of mine said get yourself firefox and see how you go..

    Havent looked back, has the odd hick up, but in general the security features are alot more stable i was told..
  8. You should probably upgrade even if you're not going to use it. Other apps can use Internet Explorer to display content and that may leave you vulnerable if you're still on IE6.

    Having said that, you should use firefox ;)
  9. Ok, so I should NOT install IE7, now about this firefox thingo.....
    do I just install it with IE still intact, or do I have to remove IE, what, if anything needs to be saved, like pics n music n stuff?
    Whats the proceedure for going from IE to Firefox? that is what I really need to know.
  10. u just run firefox wait 30secounds and smile. its that much bettter

    dont have to unistall anything.
    and all your bookmarks ect will be imported.
  11. So, I bit the bullet and caved in, installed the updates and so far so good, a week has passed and no issues yet, fingers crossed it stays that way :)
  12. Using the same browser. Likin' it [​IMG]
  13. I'm on 7 and have been for a while. No probs at all so far. Touch wood...
  14. The only reason you are finding IE7 slow is because your pc may not be up to modern standards which IE7 is designed for. I personally love IE7, just takes some getting used to. it beats IE6 in every way.

    Up to you i geuss though.