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IE Spawning New Tabs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DarkHorse, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm using IE 7.0.5730

    I traul through the forums using multiple tabs to open threads, leaving the new/search results page open. Every now and again, usually after posting and closing a tab, IE will go on a spawning spree opening new tabs for no apparent reason. This process goes on indefinitely, forcing me to Ctl+Alt+Del and End Now - in the process losing my "View Posts Since Last Visit" results, and any other open tabs.

    Anyone else getting this with EI7? Any suggestions (other than the obviouse "don't use IE!"? It only seems to happen on NR...

  2. It's a conspiracy by port80 and other dark forces lurking deep beneath the calm surface of Netrider, and going right up to the (shhhh) very highest levels of power! They want you to change over to Firefox!

    <resist them, and google for a solution :LOL:.>

    edit; seems like you're not the only one


  3. check your adware and spyware and virus checkers.

  4. what??? No BUY A MAC????? from you, I find it odd. :p

    But yeah, buy a mac bloke, all your problems will vanish ;)
  5. sorry, Maybe he was using the windows partition on his mac 8-[
  6. Partition? Virtualise! But yeah, get a Mac.
  7. I use both but prefer bootcamp for pure speed when teaching certain evil apps on the work PC's
  8. Hornet - Thankyou for that - I've had a look through that link and done a quick Google search, and can't find exactly the problem I'm having or a solution that I'm happy with (recommendations for several no-name anti-virus/spyware/adware programs that I'm not willing to risk.) Problems seem to involve mainly Vista and IE8.

    I have a fully legit, paid up, updated version of TMIS pro, including all the adware/spyware/spam bells and whistles fully functioning, so don't think that's it.

    To Smee and the rest of you - I know you mean well, but pushing your Mac/Firefox propaganda at me is like the Mormons at the door on a Sunday morning. I'm just not interested, thankyou all the same. Have a nice day!

    Looks like it's a me thing, not a site thing, so I'll keep trying to figure it out at my end.

    Cheers all.
  9. It happens to me on occasion too. Shits me to tears. I closed everything the other day and came back to the pc an hour later and there were 97 tabs open all saying error 404 you are not permitted to access this page. It had a thick blue header line aswell. The addy in the address bar was netrider.net/??????
  10. There's a patch to stop that happening. Go here and click "Free download" :wink:

    I know, I'm a pain in the arse :LOL:
  11. You are not alone.

    I used to have this problem, and it was related to ads (I believe Google ads) on Netrider getting their nickers in a knot when you closed the tab before they had completed loading.

    I didn't find any solution. The problem just went away one day. I believe it went away because certain Google ads finished their run, and were no longer being displayed by Netrider. I suspect that it was, in fact, the target site for the ad that was trying to complete its load, and when it lost its parent tab, it opened a new one. But the process was corrupted, and so it went on opening more and more tabs.

    The short term solution was to let all items on a new tab open fully before closing the tab. Some of the Google ad items were very slow, so I started just leaving the tabs open, going back to the Search Results page, and opening a new tab for each thread I wanted to read. I then closed all the tabs later, or when I was sure they had finished loading.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong.
  12. Don't trust the mac users! See: http://qdb.us/244308

    Start from the simplest things and work your way up.

    Have you cleared temp files, cookies, etc.? You be amazed what a temp file or cookie can do, especially if you've recently been to any untrustworthy sights (eg, to get cracks & hacks).

    Is your computer fully up to date? I'm not talking Windows Update, but MICROSOFT Update (big diff, Microsoft Update does Office, IE etc. wheras Windows Update only does the OS). Also note, if the OS hasn't been updated for a while, sometimes not all updates can be installed at once, so you'll have to reboot and run update again.

    Have you cleared out the computer lately? I'd suggest, on top of your anti-virus, install AdAware (http://www.lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware.php, get the free version) and Spybot S&D (http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/index.html). Make sure all three are updated and then run them.

    If all else fails, use Firefox. A lot of people will tell you it's more secure, but to tell the truth, it's just as secure as IE7. Thing is, it's much more reliable than IE.

    And then if all else fails ... just reinstall Windows XP! :grin:

    Edit: Also, you might want to try an adblock plugin for IE7. I've never used one myself, as I use Firefox, but there's plenty out there. You might also want to also use hosts file blocking, something like http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm. You simply replace the currents hosts file with the downloaded one. While you might not be comfortable stuffing around in system32, but for this, it's fine. Just don't touch anything except the file you need to, and you'll be right! :)
  13. Using Firefox now and it seems to have fixed the issue. It's been a while since I used the old Mozilla, but it's so much better.
  14. Or just get ie8, its faster and has a built in ad-blocker (of sorts).
  15. I have the opposite problem, IE won't open multiple tabs on occassion. Seems to progressively get worse. I shut one so I can open another, then I have to shut more again before i can again open another.

  16. I personally can't understand why anyone bothers with programs like IE when such great programs like Mozilla and Google chrome exist....and arefree to boot
  17. in case you hadn't noticed, IE is free too :roll:.
  18. MS officially stopped development of IE at version 6. It was only the advent of Firefox and the serious competition it created that MS introduced 7 and then 8.

    FF is my browser of choice, regardless of the OS I am using.
  19. Thanks again for the suggestions everyone:

    I occasionally run into that too, but put it down to computer getting crabby at being on for hours and getting hot and flustered - everything slows right down.

    In searching for this problem I came across a few very similar issues people are having with IE8, so not looking like an attractive option.

    Installing Firefox now. Nothing to lose, so worth a shot. Now where's that short-sleeve white shirt and name tag...

    I keep selected cookies for known sites (eBay, Netbank etc) and the TMIS cleans everything else fairly regularly. I run Microsoft Update checks fairly regularly as well, and install everything it comes up with. I am also trying to keep extra software to a minimum in an attempt to avoid this sort of thing happening - the more stuff the more likelyhood of crap slipping in and the harder it is to pinpoint it.

    Thanks again guys!
  20. bahahahhahaha, buy a Mac, bahahahahah...
    that means buying a new machine...

    install linux!! no new hardware required! no problems! all free! no virus! awesome! muhahahahahh!

    [/nerd rant off]