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IE - Firefox help...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, May 9, 2007.

  1. Firefox went down on me a while a go I installed 2.0 sumthing and it lost its connection to the net. So I switched with great reluctance to IE and now i am dying in a sea of popups and spyware... adaware cant cope etc and i want to get back to Firefox... less of this crap to deal with.

    Here is what i have done;

    In firefox i improrted my IE settings and bookmarks... no connection
    In IE looked at my connections etc for Ip addresses adn ports... no listed.

    looked at my wan for ip etc. Got them inputed my default gateway etc into firefox... no connection I am a step forward as now i get my proxi server is refusing connections.

    HOW THE HELL IS IE GETTING ACCESS????!!!???! :!: :?: ... I am typing right now in ie with no connection settings visable in anything and full access... :roll:

    a llittle geeky help would be good. :!:
  2. Wow. IE6+? NIS 2006 here. No popups.
    Sure its not widaz famous messaging service playing tricks?

    I have never dial a connection checked and all LAN setting boxes unchecked.
  3. Firefox --> Tools, Options, General, Connectoin Settings


    My comp connects to a network and this works fine.
  4. wow I knew Firefox was good but didn't know it could do that.. :shock:

    must need a special extension ...
  5. 0% luck on that one... tried and failed...

    I also checked the firewall exemptions and firefox is inthere... so there shouldnt be a problem... :evil:
  6. Don't input any settings into firefox. I don't recall setting it up other than just installing it ages ago and it just working.
  7. Turn firewall off.

    If it works, you'll at least know where the problem is/isn't.
  8. no chance of that... i refuse to turn my boss's firewall off...

    vic tried and failed... i am going to have to call a geek on this one..
  9. As above, dont import any settings, it mucks things up.

    Just install and run.

    Works for all of my customers.

    They only have problems when they try to import the settings.
  10. Do you use a proxy server? If so check in IE

    tools -> options -> connections -> LAN settings

    copy those into the same fields in firefox.

    Windows Firewall isn't that much of a prick to block access to Firefox. I've experienced quite a few crashes with Firefox 2.0. You cold always uninstall it and download ver 1.x.
  11. Better off uninstalling that stupid IE. I'm running FF 2.0 and have absolutely zero issues with it
  12. damn bloodly popups... ffs.... :roll: i guess at this rate i'll be need deep in camel p0rn.

    ok ie has to die. but i cant unistall it as its core to windows blah blah...

    screw it i'm building a computer for home and i wont be accessing the net at work.
  13. yeah, I got firefox that works on networks no issues, no templates, no importing anything. download and install, no changes.

    works on: computer connected direct to cable, via router, via wireless router. if you have internet connection should just fireup straight away. on mine IE takes a long time to register and load, once it does bang (cable), but it's a slow thinking program methinks.
  14. If firefox can't connect to the internet, but IE can and it's on the same PC then your net connection is fine so the only thing that should stop you from connecting is

    firewall - if you have one disable it then try again
    proxy settings - check IE to see if it has an proxy settings, if so copy them into firefox, or in firefox select automatically detect proxy settings, it can sometimes work
    The program itself - try uninstalling then reinstalling without importing any setting and said in above posts.
  15. reinstalled last night... no love. Firewall wont be going down any time soon.
  16. Comments above on Proxy settings and your own finding of a proxy refused error tends to point to proxy problems. I think ?? from your posts that you are connected to a business network and not a home network. If you log into a Windows server domain it is possible there is a local authenticating proxy within your company network and direct external network connections are not permitted.

    Internet Explorer will be given the Proxy details as part of the Domain log in process. Firefox will not necessarily get these details. The question now is do you have a local Windows Server such as Windows 2000 or 2003 Server edition?

  17. i have given up cj i am saving my goldies to buy computer bits and a wireless router for home...
  18. Ok Wardie, Have fun. Setup your wireless using WPA not WEP, the security in WEP is not any protection now days.

  19. Go to Control Panel, Internet settings, connections tab, make sure never dial a connection is selected, then click theLAN Settings button and uncheck all the boxes except 'Automatically detect settings' , OK and Apply.

    Never hurts to do the basics.

    You might want to look at the "Use a proxy server blah blah" advanced settings in the same spot and see what's in there too.