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IDSYTRUD I Saw You Then Ran U Down {not motorcycle related moved to off topic}

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Hr7star, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Title should = I Did See You Then Ran U Down *face>palm


    Deliberate hit and run in Bris. Not a moto, but I still think this is part of our problem.

    BTW MODS couldn't think of an appropriate existing thread to add to and not sure if it warrants a new thread. Please delete/move as needed.

  2. Re: IDSYTRUD I Saw You Then Ran U Down

    That's because cops don't do anything about hit and runs. I got knocked off my postie well I just jumped off and the postie hit the ground) and they refused to even investigate. I bet that guy goes on to do a real hit and run.
  3. Re: IDSYTRUD I Saw You Then Ran U Down

    Police only investigate when profit and/or glory are involved.
  4. I hope those ****ers get found.
  5. This could easily have been a non confident learner rider on a small motorcycle or someone on a little scooter. I see a few scooter riders around that let themselves be bullied by cars.

    Shame it's off topic because I think a lot of cagers share the same attitudes towards leg powered 2 wheelers and engine powered 2 wheelers. They don't see us as fully legitimate road users. They see the roads as primarily for them. Experienced riders are usually offski, but the bicycles, 50cc scoots and learner bikers are just in the way.

    Point is we will achieve more politically as 2 wheelers. Bicyclists problems are bike and scooter riders problems.

    That's my view as someone very new to riding and to the fight that's going on. FWIW.
  6. I think the main thing that shits me off and makes me have little sympathy for some cyclists is the sheer arrogance of a good portion of them. Filtering past traffic at an intersection then parking in front of them, lights go green they just toddle off like theyre kings of the road when in actual fact theyre putting other road users in danger themselves, and thats when they obey traffic signals as well. Try getting a decent run down beach road in St Kilda when these douchebags are doing a big ride, they just get in everyones way.

    Please note i do say some, not all, as i believe there are douches and good people in every group. Something down the middle needs to be found and when you have cocks on pushbikes mixing it up with cocks with engines its not a good mix.
  7. I hear that, but we have a common enemy:driver:

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" said some smart arse.
  8. Geez, quality of character in our swimmers seems to be deteriorating rapidly.
  9. What a knob.

    -- Sent from the year 2319 using Tapatalk (if you can read this, I finally got my flux capacitor working)
  10. Idiot. [-(

    Sections 193 of the Criminal Code Queensland states:

    (a) Any person who, on any occasion on which a person making a statement touching any matter is required by law to make it on oath or under some sanction which may by law be substituted for an oath, or is required to verify it by solemn declaration or affirmation, makes a statement touching such matter which, in any material particular, is to the person's knowledge false, and verifies it on oath or under such other sanction or by solemn declaration or affirmation, is guilty of a crime.

    The Maximum penalty for the offence of False Statement under Oath is 7 years imprisonment.
  11. I hope they charge him with making a False or misleading statement !
  12. But this isn't made up - the driver has stopped to help though.


    Cyclists struck in Keysborough

    Sunday, 02 October 2011 10:12

    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision of a transit van and two cyclists in Keysborough this morning. Investigators believe the two male cyclists were riding north-bound on Springvale Road around 6:25am, when a white Ford transit van heading in the same direction has struck them from behind.

    The van has knocked one rider over and carried the other for some distance, both sustaining serious injuries in the process. The first victim has been taken to The Alfred with critical head and chest injuries, with the second victim conveyed to the Monash Hospital with serious abdominal and arm injuries.

    The transit van driver, a 62-year-old Greensborough man, is currently assisting police with their enquiries.

    The Major Collision Investigation Unit (MCIU), attended to assist Cheltenham uniformed officers with the investigation.

    Anyone with information about the collision is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au.