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Idle to low

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by UserInterface, May 21, 2013.

  1. I did my MOST test on Friday and my bike was stalling all the time when I hit the brakes hard. The instructor was a mechanic and he told my that my bike is idling to low and that's why it is stalling. Is this something that I can fix myself? I have been running the choke but he said that I will ruin the engine if I keep that up (plus it seems to then stall cause it floods). It has only done 700km but I don't think that I need to do a service until 1000km and I can't afford it right now anyway...

  2. I just found my manual online and it tells me that there is a idle screw that I can adjust to 1400rpm.. But my bike does not have a tacho so I have no idea how to find out what speed it is idling at. Any ideas?

    Guess I could do it by ear..
  3. OK, so what type of bike do you have? 1400 is a medium to fast idle suitable for a bike with a slightly higher state of tune.

    yes adjust by ear and feel. Bump it up a bit and see if it keeps stalling.

    Also, some bikes will stall under brakes when the petrol gets low in the tank.
  4. Should have said I have a CB125E.. Tank was full so don't think that was an issue. Also it has been stalling since I got it.. I think I should be right to do it by ear but would it do damage if it was a little high?
  5. Won't do any damage but you will use a bit more fuel. As Ibast said just bump the idle speed up bit by bit until it runs and doesn't stall at normal idle.
  6. Sweet will do. Thanks for advice..
    I will give my bike a bit of a clean and tune at same time. Noticed the chain is starting to look a little rusty :(
  7. regarding the chain, just lube the rollers with some chain lube. I guess you would already know not to use WD40 as a lubricant on the chain.

    After washing your bike, let the bike (and chain dry) then lube the chain, leaving it overnight before riding, this way all the lube doen't fling everywhere.
  8. Yep will do.. Just have to wait for weekend as its so dark when I get home now.
  9. Oh should have come back and said ages ago. I changed the idle on this puppy and now she is smooth as silk. Warms up in about 1 minute and then it just glides. No stalling or back fires anymore. Saw a few posts on the internet before I made my purchase and they were talking about it backfiring all the time so guess they just come that way. Probably should find that forum and make a post as it almost turned me off. But for the price you just can not go past this thing. They should include a tacho on these bike would have made the whole thing easier. But helps to have mates that know a thing or two about bikes. I pulled in my mates drive way and first thing he said to me is that my bike sounded like it was idling to low. Argh.. took me 2-3 months to work that out, and took him less then 5 seconds to fix!
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