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idle speed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dar_sbb, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. i got a zx2r and it idles to low that it stalls...

    how can i bring the idle up?
  2. Idle screw on the right hand side. Just under the frame.
  3. yes, the black knob. Under the tank, under the frame. Make sure the bike is running, and do it when she's warm.
  4. hi,
    im having the same problem, no matter what the idle speed is, it slowly comes down to under 1000rpm and then stalls... Any ideas?
  5. Replace your regulator if bike still has problem after replacing plugs, cleaning filter/s, charging battery, cleaning carbies. Thats what I did to a ZX2r and it worked. Regulators are bout 60 bucks from the wreckers.
  6. can you get a cleaner that you can mix in with the fuel that obviously goes through and cleans? i know u can get certain car ones but i dont know if they work or not.
    is it possible?
  7. you got PM dan
  8. nulon total fuel cleaner (but reduce the amount as its for a 60 litre tank) and an italian tune