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idle problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RgvRider, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Hi guys/girls, Bike is a rgv250.
    Starting from yesturday the bike seems to idle at 1k and stall after 20secs or so? Sometimes it wont even start unless and i give it a little throttle when starting.. Tried putting it into 1st gear and it would just die out after 2 or so metres even with throttle down. I have no idea with bikes and would like some idea of the problem before taking it to the mechanic(i dont even know how im going to get it to a mechanic) and get told rubbish.

  2. are you starting with choke on? I'd say its just an issue with the engine being cold... start with choke, and revs max out and stay steady, bring it down slowly
  3. Yeah i did.. i manage to get the engine warmed up and it still choke and stall after 2mtres.
  4. Forgot to add.. engine sounds completely different to before and sitting at 19k kms so im guessing i need a rebuild? Hope i haven't done any massive damage.
  5. Yeah compression will do that to u.
    But i would firstly check the carbs, if they are balanced or blocked. especially the filters into the carbs.
  6. is your side stand up when you are engaging 1st gear?
  7. No, im not an idiot. Just checked my spark plug and it seems all black. Going to change that and oil tomorrow and see if it gets any better.
  8. Definitely give oyur plugs a clean or replace, how much force is required to push the kickstart lever? rough as guts, if you can push by hand with minimal resistance, you need to do the rings atleast, most likely pistons and rings.
  9. I can start the bike with my hand.. not much resistance. Mechanic came around and said i need a service and it should be ok? Is he pulling my leg and making a quick buck?
  10. wru in syd.
    i got a presure gauge u can plug in and check ur presure make sure its within spec.
  11. i would be checking the carbs and esp the fuel filter 1st of all

    if you havent already checked the power valves then i would suggest doing that as well as a matter of prevention

  12. Sydney west.. Liverpool area.
  13. hehe relax just trying to help..

    in my forum browing years have seen many rgv250 threads "bike starts but stalls when in gear etc" then everybody replies with every answer under the sun except the easy options first.

    goodluck with your problem solving