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Idle Problem on brand new sachs xroad

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Josh184927, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. My new sachs x road 250 has only 180kms on the clock and I am a new rider so dont quite understand whats going on.
    It idles nice and low to start of the ride but 5 or 6 k's in when it is warm the revs really pick up and idle reasonably high. Is this normal? There is no tacho but i would suggest it is idling abvoe average.
    I would love to know if it is normal for the rpm to climb like this and stick there for the rest of the ride? quite often when i come down through the gears to stop the idle will be low and then will slowly climb up again.
    Would love any help guys. Cheers

  2. check your choke,
    make shure its turned off when warm
  3. Thanks for the reply!
    Choke is all the way off, I usually check it before going and all the rest, i have tried bringing the choke on slightly and it just starts to kill the engine so it is plenty warmed up. Like i said it is only when the bike is warmed all the way up!
    Thanks again
  4. Easy fixed , take it back to where you bought it and get them to fix it.
    If you "tinker" you may void any warranty you have.
  5. Find the idle adjustment screw, it'll be next to a cable with a spring or something and should be reasonably accessible above the carbies. Turn it until you get the idle you want and be warned, fast when its cold will be really fast when its warm and slow when its warm may well cause the bike to stall when cold.
  6. It's possible your choke cable is sticking but since the bike is under warranty I'd be making the shop fix it.
  7. "Sachs" and "problem" are two words that go together like apple pie and custard.
    I'm surprised your choke even works, mine never did on the express.
    Get the shop you bought it from to fix it.
  8. +1 to ad91on